A rather short post today relating to an article which explores Microsoft’s relationship with open source and its future direction.  A rather interesting (if somewhat already known) piece which states:

You know why I know Microsoft has no leadership and vision when it comes to Open-Source? Because I asked Steve Ballmer when he was in London, and he replied with this: “I don’t know, but we won’t impose any view on our divisions. I’ll come back to you by email though.”

Source: http://codebetter.com/sebastienlambla/2012/04/05/microsoft-and-open-source-2/

Which then goes on to say:

Microsoft has no vision when it comes to Open-Source, no strategy and no leadership….

And this comes as a surprise or something new? Isn’t the Microsoft business model completely incompatible with the ideals and ethos of real open source software?

Its a good article though which I would recommend you read, in the meantime, taking a more generic look at Microsoft, here is a comment from a Cnet reader which I think sums up Microsoft very nicely and maybe hints on its perception with the mainstream consumer:

…Let’s face facts, Microsoft has gotten it’s hand into everything. Once there, they consistently become the 900lb gorilla in the room with a bad attitude that kills competition and is bad for consumers….

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57411175-94/microsoft-gives-away-free-time-to-promote-windows-phone/

I’ll leave it there.

Tim (Goblin)

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