… it will be Windows Phone 7 hell for Windows tablets when they finally have a real showing.

Certain tech “experts” dismissed them, they said the tablet form factor would never replace the desktop. Whilst this could be put down to their lack knowledge, what is more likely was because they saw them as a threat to the cashcow of Windows they have so realily suckled from for years.  Microsoft is hardly to be seen and I don’t believe its going to get any better for the company from Redmond.

With no real surprise to anyone with a modicum of awareness, tablets are infact a hugely popular form factor with the mainstream consumer and also adopting an often customized role within industries.   Telling us what we already know Business Insider says:

We think they’re going to replace PCs for most tasks. Consumers love them, they are making inroads in enterprise and education, and they will blow up in emerging markets. 

Source: http://goo.gl/NDHjL

And to which they have produced a graph showing the growing trend towards what many believe is a far more convenient form factor, for the day to day tasks the vast majority of users perform.

So where is Microsoft in the tablet sector? Pretty much nowhere…yet.  Windows 8 is still to appear to the mainstream consumer and with Apple and Android products on the lips of everyone, as I observed a while ago, it will be Windows Phone 7 hell for Windows tablets when they finally have a real showing.  Lets not forget even after its released we will probably have at least half a year of “baking” whilst Microsoft tells people the features they don’t need.  (Remember the cut and paste episode)

Diversity in the tech world is finally emerging.  The Windows imposed desktop is becoming less of an issue and riding high on the popularity of the new(ish) form factor are alternatives to Microsoft.  Exciting times for consumers.

Tim (Goblin)

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