Looking at the eBook – Sigil 0.5.1 – A bug fix/maintenance release!

A slightly older version currently resides in my distro's repo's however Sigil is a great WYSIWYG ebook editor/word processor.

February is off to a great ebook start and I expect there will be many people still enjoying the benefits of a Linux powered ebook reader (or indeed tablet) from Xmas.  It’s easy to see that it won’t be long before epub (and dare I say it .mobi) will find themselves in the same place .mp3 or .ogg do today.  – I wonder, how much life left in the space consuming book shelves found in high-street stores?

With that in mind and for the many people who have already jumped from dead tree to digital literature will have found that whilst Calibre[1] is very good for converting between formats (providing the evil DRM is absent from your chosen file – but there’s a way around that too!) there seems to be a lack of utilities/software for editing or creating your own on the fly.

On 5th February the Sigil team release 0.5.1, a mainly bug fix version was released.  From the developer:

This is primarily a maintenance release with a large number of fixes. Find and replace (F&R), GUI tweaks and spell check were the major focus. Highlights include: F&R now supports wrapping and the ability to search within selected files. The GUI now (hopefully) remembers cursor position when switching views. en_GB dictionary was added, all dictionaires were updated and hyphenation dictionaries are now included by default.

The list of fixes in the changelog are to be found here: http://code.google.com/p/sigil/source/browse/ChangeLog.txt?name=0.5.1

A great project to check out and especially useful if you’ve just ran a book through an OCR and found there are numerous misidentifications in the text.

The project homepage can be found here:: http://code.google.com/p/sigil/ and its released under a Creative Commons 3 license.

You’ll probably find Sigil in your repo’s – although since 0.5.1 has been released in the last few days, you may be running an older series.

[1] Calibre is an excellent cateloging package for your ebooks, it also allows you to convert between formats.  PDF as mobi? No problems.  The Calibre homepage can be found here: http://calibre-ebook.com/

Tim (Goblin)

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3 thoughts on “Looking at the eBook – Sigil 0.5.1 – A bug fix/maintenance release!

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  1. Tim,

    I’ve started a small press publishing house, Wayne Borean Publishing. The idea was originally to publish family, it has since been stretched to publish Canadian writers. I’ve got one writer who has turned in a manuscript that is so good that it is terrifying.

    As a result I’ve done some writing on publishing, some of which you might want to look at. I’ve put my futurist had on, and come up with some predictions. Me being me, well, they’ve upset some people 🙂 Of course some people thought they were wonderful…

    Futurist Prediction: Four years into the ebook revolution: Publishers are Lost in Space – Updated 2X

    The Economics of the Writing Business – Updated

    Publishing. Right. Wrong. Otherwise!

    Futurist Prediction – Publishing Thoughts

    Cheap Ereaders are going to hit the $25.00 mark soon (say 10 Pounds). Yeah, they don’t have much memory, but they will have an SD card slot, and that’s all you’ll need.


  2. Hey! Great news! Best of luck!

    RE: Your recent works, I am, as I said reading them – Excellent so far! Will have a full update shortly for everyone else.

    Great work!!

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