Windows declining market share – 6% drop for the product that gave you the BSOD.

Whilst Linux powered devices are celebrating a rather healthy Xmas (and 2011 in general) it seems the “lovable” Microsoft has yet more bad news on its hands.  Not content with the shame of Windows Phone 7 and its lack of interest in the face of Android and Apple products or its failure to keep hold of its grasp on the browser market, its inability to challenge Google significantly with Bing, Microsoft now is reporting that Windows, one of its flag-ship products suffered a 6% drop in the fourth quarter of 2011.

According to the software giant, the revenue earned by the Windows division fell to $4.7 billion during the last three months of 2011 – a 6 percent decline from where the figure stood a year ago during the same quarter.


The ITPortal also reports:

The primary reasons behind this rather disappointing performance by the Windows division have been attributed to; stiff competition coming from new-generation products such as tablet computers and smartphones, as well as the devastating floods in Thailand that affected many of its suppliers’ facilities.

But wait! The Microsoft Advocates who infest the newsgroups, who engage in personal attacks and vile insults claim that the desktop is still alive and well! They claim that the tablet form factor is not what the mainstream consumer is wanting! – The reality though outside the wibbly wobbly world of Microsoft Advocacy is very different and I think the trend away from the desktop form factor by the mainstream consumer will continue.  As for Windows and the latest “great” version (8), I think by the time it finally flops onto the market, people will have already settled on the plethora of more mature alternatives leaving Microsoft languishing in a Windows Phone 7 market share hell.

You do though have to “admire” Steve Ballmer, who can say:

We delivered solid financial results, even as we prepare for a launch year that will accelerate many of our key products and services


Message to Microsoft employee’s: Screw down the chairs, 2012 is going to be a tough year and to Steve – Roll that deodorant on extra thick, its going to get hot under the collar with your “results”.

Tim (Goblin)

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13 thoughts on “Windows declining market share – 6% drop for the product that gave you the BSOD.

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  1. You do realize that the Microsoft stock price jumped more than 5% in reaction to what you claim were disasterous results, right?

  2. Sorry, I think you’ve got the wrong article…. Can’t remember writing the word disastrous..

    And in anycase you are saying that this blip (and I’ll be checking) in anyway excuses its stagnancy over such a long period of time?

    I think a 6% drop in the flagship market of Microsoft is not something to be happy about, especially since its other recent products have failed to grasp the attention of the mainstream consumer….Bing, WP7….the widening gap between PS3 and 360…. the list goes on…

    Just how much does Microsoft pump into online services? Shall you give the figures or shall I?

    Still I suppose as its competition grows, Microsoft is still making its money from its “Android Licenses”…… Why not eh? If it can’t make its own products people want, it can bully others for cash that do.

    Got to love Microsoft eh?

  3. Having looked at this 6%….. (Its actually 5.65 – But why not round up for the purposes of making it sound better?)

    This quote from

    Strike a humorous chord:

    “..expected to grow even faster in 2012 as Windows Phone gains traction in the smartphone market.”

    Windows Phone gaining traction? lol… Priceless. Have they been into a phone shop recently…I’d suggest the first thing they need to do before making bold claims like that is getting retailers interested in displaying the thing….then the real battle starts, getting people to drop Android or Apple and buy it….Lol..

  4. Tim,

    It is actually worse than what the numbers show. People who buy Macs tend to keep them longer, often twice as long, so a lost sale to a Mac may mean two lost Windows License sales.

    A lost License Sale to a Linux system is usually permanent, the user never comes back.

    I’ve been watching the numbers for years, and was the first to call for Microsoft to file for bankruptcy. It looks like I was off on which year it will be, but my reasoning (inability to expand beyond the two intertwined core businesses of Windows and Office) is still solid. Anything which disturbs those business, like LibreOffice and Mac OS X, hurts Microsoft.

    Go look at their SEC report. They haven’t got anything else that is earning real cash.


    1. LibreOffice and MacOs X disturbing MS Office and Windows businesses? Are you serious? The market share of MacOS X is simply grotesque compared to Windows. In a a couple of weeks Microsoft sold more licences of W7 than Apple of MacOs X all over the years, and this after the disaster of Vista which seemed it had to make people run away from any MS product and also in spite of W7 being ridiculously expensive. About LibreOffice, I have not been able to see it mentioned almost anywhere.

      1. “LibreOffice and MacOs X disturbing MS Office and Windows businesses? Are you serious? ”

        Well there’s been some rather large contracts which have gone the way of open-source (French Police, London Stock Exchange) two that spring immediately to mind. I’d expect those to be worth a bit. I’d say thats a disturbance…what of the knock on effect? The UK government has already announced its open source plan (as per my post for today) So yes.

        As for other disturbance to Windows (I don’t think I mentioned MS Office) tablets? How do you quantify the 6% drop?

        “The market share of MacOS X is simply grotesque compared to Windows. ”

        Thats not the case though when people are actually able to choose though is it? Both Apple and Android phones are rather popular whilst WP7 seems to be left on the shelf. – If a machine is stuffed pre-purchase with Windows, then that counts as a sale doesn’t it? Also the mainstream user is unlikely to look elsewhere..

        I could go on, I won’t. I think we’ve all heard the same points about open source and how Microsoft manages to sell – it doesn’t though does it when you really look at it. Microsoft in my view is accepted, accepted because for too long its been pushed on people with little choice.

        1. Also lets not forget the U.S. Pentagon, The recent law in New Hampshire, Extremadura in Spain, The Chinese Banks, The Indian Education System, The Brazilian Higher Education System, the City of Munich, Germany, The New York Stock Exchange, The Chicago Stock Exchange, The Disney Works (Pixar, Dreamworks. etc)… Big bird head in sand syndrome. The rest of the world doesn’t suffer from that.

        2. I was replying to the post that was mentioning MacOS X and LibreOffice, this has nothing to do with tablets or cellphones. It’s true that public administrations tend to switch to opensource solutions (and I’m glad this happens) but we have still to see which percentage of the total of pc’s worldwide we are talking about. Let’s say that from 90 something per cent Windows machines will drop to 80 or even 70 percent. 70 percent, and I believe this won’t happen in less than ten years or so. Since you mentioned WP7, do you think that people are really free to chose between iOS, Android and WP7? I’m sorry, but I think that for an average user actually is more dificult to find a carrier that offers phones with WP7 than to find a Mac store.

          1. WP7 #s are not accurate. Those #s are tied in with WP6 # ’cause WP7 is tanking; even Elop’s whining about is blaming the phone sales people.

          2. “Do you think that people are really free to chose between iOS, Android and WP7? I’m sorry, but I think that for an average user actually is more dificult to find a carrier that offers phones with WP7 than to find a Mac store.”

            Yes I do. My carrier tried to push a WP7 phone onto me. I know of a friend who was not so lucky and accepted the thing.

            In anycase you should’nt have a problem, in the other thread you saw nothing wrong with Windows being stuffed onto every PC coming out of the shop, so why should you have a problem here if what you say is true?


  5. Hum, did you turn off the ability to leave comments on older posts? I was going to mention that I’ve actually been telling people that the best option if they really must run Windows is Microsoft Security Solutions.

    From what I can see it is just about as effective as McAfee and Symantic, and it is free…


    1. Yeah, for the benefit of a Microsoft Advocate who came here with a potty mouth and a self confessed mission to “close the site down”

      Of course like other Microsoft Advocates he failed miserably, showing himself up with his vulgarity.

      Having you remind me about the comments I have returned the commenting back to normal now….

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