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I finally succomed to an ebook reader this Xmas.  After having spent years of standing by the traditional “dead tree” format, I made the jump after reading over the shoulder of a fellow passenger on the train recently.  I instantly took to e-ink and found its far more comfortable for long drawn out reading sessions than wrestling with a book.

Despite what I consider as rather high prices for the new ebook titles (when you compare them to the “physical” paperback versions) I still think its a great method of reading and whilst I opted for Amazon’s product, there are a slew of alternatives out there, to which I believe most, if not all are Linux powered.

This year at the CES, Solarfocus revealed its Solar Power case for the Kindle.  A device which slips over your Kindle and provides a renewable powersource (with the feature of a built in reading light too).  Solar panels on the case will charge up its battery and from pictures I’ve seen, it seems to only increase the length of your Kindle by about 1 inch.

It is reported by the creators that 1 hour of charging time can get you three days of reading.  It has an LED for reading in darker conditions (reported to last up to 50 hours) with its reserve battery keeping your Kindle on full power.

The Solar case is due to be released on the 15th January for the princely sum of $79.

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