I just wanted to make a quick post wishing seasons greetings to everyone.

Today, as you can imagine is a very busy one in the Goblin household where I am wrapping presents with the kids, keeping track of the Xmas food and trying to work out where we will put all the gifts after today.

I’ve got the added problem of how on earth all this food will be consumed.  The answer of course will probably be cryogenics by way of the freezer and if Roy is down this way in the new year, his menu is set.  The same can be said for Gordon (Thistleweb) if I can persuade him to visit the Goblin household for a holiday.

Over the last month Openbytes, TechBytes and related projects have seen little attention.  This is due to a multitude of distractions from family, work and also a reliably unreliable internet service from O2.  The latter I’ve sorted with a move to Sky.

So now I will get back to Xmas day.  Wishing you all the very best.