Over on Diaspora – A collection of my musings

I often write musings on Diaspora, in themselves not substantial enough for an article here, however they are more than a simple dent or tweet.  I present a selection of my most recent ones.   Of course, the best way to get in on conversations is to join Diaspora yourself and its a technology/social network which myself and Roy cover regularly on TechBytes.


A selection of what I consider great examples of Creative Commons music.  If you’ve never heard whats on offer out there and/or never visited Jamendo, shame on you!


I give my views on Clementine (media player bundled with PCLinuxOS) and talk about some of the issues I had with the software.


I consider why I think that the mainstream user is always destined to be exploited.  Is the blame soley resting on their apathy to such issues? or can we blame mainstream media for being equally responsible?

Tim (Goblin)

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