REVIEW: Altitude – Linux flies with multiplayer retro-style plane combat!

Anyone who is old enough to remember the Atari 2600 will recall the plane warfare game which provided hours of fun for two players and you fought it out.  It also spawned numerous clones on the same system, with tanks and a plethora of others my failing memory has chosen to forget.  Happier times.

Today though for Linux, Mac and Windows you can relive some of these old memories with the added bonus of online play, multiple players and more modern gfx.  The game has just received a patch (3rd of October 2011) so it’s all fresh and shiny for the OpenBytes treatment!

Altitude is brought to you by Nimbly Games, who describe themselves as:

Nimbly Games is two guys following their dream to make multiplayer games. We’re inspired by classics like Mario Kart, Starcraft, Counter-Strike, and more recently Call of Duty 4 and DotA. We live and work out of a cheap apartment in Las Cruces, NM and survive mainly on cereal, pizza, and unfulfilled ambition.


Here’s a quote from the homepage:

Welcome to Altitude, a 2D side-scrolling airplane shooter game created by Erik Measure and Karl Sabo, the founders of Nimbly Games. The best multiplayer 2D aerial combat game on the internet, Altitude is a fierce contest of ace vs ace, battling for supremacy of the skies in a fast paced combat that is way more fun than a flight simulator. It is a game of steely nerves, hair-trigger reflexes and brilliant tactical thinking. With five unique planesto choose from and an online community that will provide you with hours of entertainment, the game will stretch you to the limit from the upper reaches of the stratosphere and the relics of a long forgotten city, to within the deepest hollows of underground caverns.

Source: Altitude Wiki

Multiplayer 2d mayhem with retro planes, what more could you ask for?

So how does Altitude live up to that expectation?  Well, its a 2d shooter in all it’s glory, with a training levels to help you get to grips with your retro plane.  It’s harder than it looks too, especially if you control the plane with your mouse.  During your battles, you get upgrades/extra weapons which will inflict all manner of unpleasantness onto your enemy and theres an offline mode for those who choose to tackle a computerised foe.

Theres numerous play modes, with a notable one being a unique take on football!

Online play worked very well and why shouldn’t it? There were many servers with a decent sized amount of players to challenge, getting on one was no issue at all.  I noticed on the server list that some were offering up to 40 players, whilst the maps are a decent size for 15 or so combatants, I wonder how chaotic 40 will be – Suffice to say, I didn’t get a chance to try it out, since none of the servers offering it seemed to have any users.

All the other ingredients of online play are present such as friends list, a lobby and chat and also being able to host your own server.

Graphically the game is pleasing, yet simple to look at.  Even on the most modest of machines I think you will get a decent game out of this offering.

Anyone for football? A unique take on the sport!

The game is complete “as is” although for the small sum of $10 you can access more perks and extend your enjoyment out of the game -p ersonally I think its a great way to show your appreciation for the devs hard work and to contribute to the project.  $10 is hardly a large sum for the amount of fun you will get from this multi-player game.

I highly recommend you download the game today,  it’s another fun gaming title to add to the Linux library!  I do hope you will support the developers who appear to be committed to bringing addictive and fun titles like this to your beloved platform.

It should be mentioned that the title is cross platform and is available for those with Mac or Windows machines too.

Visit the homepage of Altitude here:

Tim (Goblin)

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