Like Father like Son (or Like Phone like Tablet)

“Mighty” Microsoft is due to announce its Windows 8 (enabled for tablets), which is rumoured to flop onto the scene on the Tablet form factor in around 12 months time.  As with Smart-phones, the once mighty Microsoft (who now seems to prefer to make money with Patents instead of products) is just as late into the race.

With Apple having a massive head start and Android gaining rapidly (sound familiar?) you could be forgiven for predicting a repeat of history in the Tablet world when Microsoft finally decides to “grace” us with a product.

Five years ago I would have said 80 percent of the startups or ventures who came to pitch us pulled out their laptop and started showing us their PowerPoint presentation, now 80 percent pull out their Mac. If I were Steve Ballmer, that would be concerning to me.

Source: Matt Mcllwain on Reuters

For those that read a previous article of mine, it shows to me why Microsoft wants to “talk up” the desktop – It knows that it won’t be able to compete in the Tablet world and if they follow their Phone legacy, then there will be the excuse of “its still in its infancy” whilst the product matures to a point to compete with others.

It may be 12 months away (Windows 8 ) but I think we can add another 8 months onto that for “baking”.  2 Years for a ready competitor to Apple and Android Tablets?  Yes Microsoft, you better keep talking up the Desktop,  maybe you’ll convince a few of your customers.

Unfortunately Microsoft can no longer dictate to the consumer, for the mainstream majority, I’d suggest Tablets are the future, Tablets I hasten to add that unlike the majority of Desktops, won’t force Microsoft products onto people.

Tim (Goblin)

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3 thoughts on “Like Father like Son (or Like Phone like Tablet)

  1. i think you could be right. i think we are starting to see the slow but steady demise of the desk top computer. it won’t take long for tablets to catch up with lap tops. hell you can even make phone calls from them. so an ipad is kind of like a massive iphone that you can’t fit Im your pocket

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