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Microsoft closed for business? - Certainly not yet and I don't think it will go down quietly either.

Over the years I’ve kept an eye on the antics of certain Microsoft MVP’s.  What I find very interesting (since around April this year) their “advocacy” has started to dry up, one in-particular has made no real posts of note, with merely a few cheap shots at Steve Jobs and that’s about it.

I wonder, is this a testament to how little Microsoft now has to offer?  – Maybe.

Could this just be a sign of slow tech news in the summer months? – I wouldn’t think so, theres been plenty of news just very little coming from Redmond.

With that in mind though I spoke with a Microsoft employee on Twitter who called Android “a fun toy”…. but then since Google has destroyed Microsoft in everything its turned its hand to, I suppose the MS employee had to say that.

Android a fun toy? What does that make Windows Phone 7? – An unwanted piece of tat maybe?

There’s so much to look forward to in the world of tech, mainly because of the sheer diversity of solutions out there.  Great news for the consumer, not so great for Redmond.   Even the threat of Microsoft’s patent portfolio has had little effect and it seems to me that since certain companies don’t have the bravery to stand up to it, Microsoft is able to take a few scraps from their table.  At the moment I suppose its a balanced ecosystem –  Manufacturers produce non-Microsoft form factors that people want and Microsoft creams a little off the top of others sucess.  A happy co-existence in a perverse sort of way.

Like Apple products or not, you have to admire Steve Jobs and the support he has from happy Apple customers, I wonder, when Ballmer is finally booted from Redmond, will he receive the same? – I doubt it.

And what of Mono? Does anyone care either way anymore?  Maybe rarer than Microsoft “good” news is the mention of Mono….

I personally have been excited by Unity, not because its come out of the factory all guns blazing but because it shows a commitment by Canonical to attempt to engage the consumer in the way Apple has.  Canonical could have quite easily “gone with the flow” and followed with Gnome-Shell, however Unity shows that they are deciding to use their own solution to overcome that massive hurdle of a non-Windows mindset with the mainstream masses.

Another #fail by Microsoft, who only now seem to realize that their competitiors have the products consumers actually want. Maybe their new default tactic is their patient portfolio? "Bite me"? No Microsoft, Ive found your products and advocates leave a rather bitter taste in my mouth.

I think the future of the desktop OS is going to be rather irrelevant though.  Like it or not, we march on to the cloud and the volume of web-based apps that people are raving about will ensure that it won’t matter which platform you are running.  The cloud has many people worried.  I’m not one of them.

TechBytes is reaching its first year, the collaboration project that started with Roy Schestowitz making a one line request in has been the focus of much of my efforts this last year, in 2008 when I first started writing Linux articles online I remember the focus of those articles was showing people why Linux was far better than a Windows experience.  I see myself having to spend less time doing that since even the tech uninterested are seeming to understand there can be a better (and happier) existence outside of  Microsoft products.

The past few months have seen one casuality.  A once well-regarded newsgroup about Linux advocacy has descended into childish banter / arguments with the only “advocacy” being links to articles which some users still publish there.  Unfortunately these links can be found elsewhere (and in greater volume) – in the last few weeks of G+ and Diaspora I’ve seen more Linux/FOSS relevant discussions/advocacy than I’ve seen all year in that newsgroup and the signal that I was no longer interested was when I removed that particular subscription from my Usenet setup in Thunderbird.

Now finally as if to show maybe the issue of Microsoft flapping around like a headless chicken, lets look at the “fun toy” comment I mentioned earlier which was commented on by a Microsoft employee:

But please dont call Android mature, i play around with my friends Android phones all the time, its a fun toy but not mature

Which (despite being rather silly when looking at WP7) didn’t make much sense when he also said:

Im a passionate WP7 dev and wont hide my distaste for Android

So he thinks it a “fun toy” yet has disdain for it? Right that’s as clear as…….mud.  Talking of which, anyone want to take bets on how long the “next of Kin” (WP7) will drag on?

So that’s all my tech musing, which sounds a little like a post that I should have made at the end of the year.  Why did I write it? Because its coming to the end of what is usually a more quiet summer period and secondly because over the last few weeks I’ve had to neglect my writing somewhat due to a very heavy workload.  I am hopeful that things will begin to settle down now.

Tim (Goblin)

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  1. Ah yes, and I’ve got some goofball who thinks that my prediction of Microsoft’s bankruptcy in 2014 is obvious nonsense since Microsoft made over $5 Billion profit in the last quarter. Last I checked this is 2011, not 2014.


  2. I wonder are they by chance a Microsoft employee?

    Its interesting to see Microsoft becoming more parasitic as time goes on…. I wonder how on earth it can sustain itself when theres so much popular competition?

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