REVIEW: BEEP – Linux platform fun!

Its platforming Linux fun, with a nice physics engine and interaction with scenery.

FPS games seem all the rage these days and after playing a few of them you would be forgiven for thinking there’s very little variety.  Can you honestly remember vividly an FPS you played from a year ago on say the PS3, when all too often its the same generic gameplay albeit with different gfx and sound?

As the Humble Indi Bundle, Minecraft et al showed, there’s a massive market for games which do not rely on the proven (and popular) FPS format.  There are so many success stories that being an indi developer no longer means that you are resigned to selling only a few copies of your product – The Internet and word of mouth advertising mean that a decent product can be very lucrative.

This review looks at Beep which for many of us a little trip back to the 90’s with the platform genre, albeit with a few modern-day enhancements.

Beep is brought to you by Big Fat Alien and is yet another excellent example of the small developer choosing Linux as a supported platform for their products.

From the site:

A lone spaceship has been gliding through the emptiness of interstellar space for a very long time. Within the ship, an automated factory prepares a fleet of robotic explorers…

Take control of a precision robotic vehicle. Explore a diverse system of planets and uncover their terrible fate. BEEP is the ultimate marriage of platforming, shooting and physics-based gameplay.

So with that in mind, lets explore what the game has to offer.

The map area of Beep. Navigate to the planet of choice and deploy your robot!

Essentially this platform puzzler has all the ingredients you would expect, move from point A to point B collecting items and shooting/avoiding nasties on the way.  The map section (pictured) logs your progress through the Beep universe.

Beep though is more than merely a platform game and has a rather nice physics engine that has you manipulating scenery as well as navigating it.  Armed with a tractor beam device and a gun, you must solve puzzles by utilizing these two pieces of equipment.

Graphically the game is very pleasant.  The music is polished and professional sounding as are the menus/intro’s that bring you into the game itself.

Control of your little droid are by way of key/mouse combination.

Beep is available for purchase at a price of $9.99 which is a bargain considering the fun I’ve had with the demo (which I’ve still not completed) .

The demo can be downloaded the website:

You can purchase the title through Gameolith or the Ubuntu Software Centre.  I would heartily recommend this title to anyone, but of course you can try the demo first and see for yourself!

For a better idea of the gameplay, check out the Youtube trailer:

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