TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 52 – 25/06/11 – “Desktop Environments and the Demise of Ubuntu?”

Intro music: “I fought the troll” by Tom Smith.  You can find more of his work here.

Hosts: Tim (OpenBytes) Roy (Techrights) Rusty (The Show That Sux)

For the purposes of a discussion on this episode, I show my desktop.

The whole crew is here for episode 52, where we cover a range of topics from the world of tech.  This episode is arriving somewhat later than a week, so we have a host of things to discuss and views to get across.  One thing that struck me after the show was the lack of Microsoft mention, maybe this is a testament to its declining position in tech, but there is really little news about when it comes to the once mighty company from Redmond.

That being said, without the distractions of Microsoft, we’ve been able to mention some quality packages and in a little different angle for the show, highlighted our differences in a debate about our personal choices of DE.

Todays show includes:

* Apple – The rotten fruit company?

* Linux Kernel 3

* Roy talks about his experiences looking for a graphics card that supports three monitors.

* We debate our DE choices – I’m with Gnome, Roy and Rusty are with KDE, who’s right? Its a kNo_brainer!

* I discuss new distro releases – Sabayon 6 and Peppermint Two

* We have a discussion about cloud computing and the future.

* Canonical is discussed along with Distrowatch ranking however, how much stock can be placed in its stats? I think very little.

Tracks today are:

“Rise Up” – Romeo Knight

“The Free Software Song” – Jono Bacon version

All this and much more! Listen to the latest episode here:

For those who want to see Rise Up in its original presentation (RSI Mega Demo):

Tim (Goblin)

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2 thoughts on “TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 52 – 25/06/11 – “Desktop Environments and the Demise of Ubuntu?”

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  1. I wasn’t able to listen to Techbytes until this afternoon, so someone else may have already sent this to you. But here’s how to pronounce “Sabayon” :

    World English Dictionary
    sabayon [Fr. sa-ba-yawn]
    a dessert or sweet sauce made with egg yolks, sugar, and wine beaten together over heat till thick: served either hot or cold

    By the way, I always enjoy the show immensely. Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Thanks very much for your kind words. You would always be welcome if you ever wanted to come on the show.

    Kind regards

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