UPDATE: Greedy Car Thieves – New version released

Greedy Car Thieves, the indi game that looks towards the earlier Grand Theft Auto games for inspiration has just had another version released.  Readers to this site will remember we were very impressed by its retro feel, which had been modernised for today’s hardware whilst still retaining the charms of the early part of the GTA franchise.

From the site:

May-2011 is yet another freeware test version. You can download it completely for free, let us know about possible bugs and, what’s most important, have lots of fun!

The most important changes since February version include:

    • server finder (just hit ‘refresh’ button to get list of currently available servers)
    • destroyable street lights
    • new GUI (Head-Up Display)
    • new, better sounds
    • new game types (Bombmatch, Race)
    • better blood and other animations
    • a few new vehicles
    • vehicles’ names 
    • improved physics
    • cute installer for Linux
    • each user keeps his/her own files in home dictionary (under Linux)
    • teammates’ nicknames
    • many bugs fixes and improvements

Looking forward to see you in the game!

Visit the homepage here: http://gct-game.net/

After email communication with the developers, its hoped that they will be appearing on the TechBytes show very shortly.  This is exactly the type of indi game which should be supported, not only because it’s a quality product but because the developers have seen fit to include Linux.

You can read the previous review of GCT on OpenBytes here and in the meantime get yourself over to the site and download a copy today!


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