TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 46 – 15/05/11 – “Lady Gaga, Doctor Who, Skype, Google and much more!”

Intro music: “I fought the troll” by Tom Smith.  You can find more of his work here.

Hosts: Tim (OpenBytes) Roy (Techrights) Gordon (ThistleWeb) Rusty (TheShowThatSux)

Rusty is here again for episode 46, hot on the heels of 45 which was recorded with myself and Roy on Saturday.

Today’s topics covered:

* Skype – We get Rusty’s take on the purchase, with his usual energetic input!

* Lady Gaga gets 10m Twitter followers – Two of them are not Rusty or Tim… Who is Lady Gaga anyway? 😉

* Google Music – Rusty brings a story to the attention of TechBytes about the Google music service.

* Copyrights, licencing fees & Dr Who – A look at the BBC and its overseas marketing strategy.

Gordon was unavailable for the first part but managed to get back after one of the music breaks peppered throughout the show.  – All this and much more from the TechBytes team – the heartthrob Boyband of the Gnu/Linux/FOSS World!

You can download the latest episode here.


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