My second ever “week in review” before the show notes to an extra episode of TechBytes are released.  Whilst I wait for the files to be encoded, I decided what better time than to look over the last week.


Skype being bought by Microsoft has been talked to death.  We’ve even covered it twice this weekend on TechBytes.  In a nutshell though, despite claims that on mention of Microsoft buying Skype, Linux users the world over will be busy uninstalling it, I take a more pragmatic look at the situation.

Lets get one thing straight, Microsoft is buying the success of another.  Skype is not a Microsoft innovation and any successes in the future will be thanks to the founding work of others.  Microsoft has cash and cash can buy you pretty much what you want.

Will I be dumping Skype? No.  For me Skype was (and still is) a convenient method of recording the TechBytes show, whilst many potential interviewees will be moving to SIP, there will be others who will stay.  The Microsoft acquisition has done nothing other than make SIP another alternative for me – as well as, not instead of Skype.  Since most of the potential interviewees are going to be using SIP then it seems highly likely that my usage of Skype will become less frequent.  The only caveat to that is there will be need for an OSS “share my desktop” for the TechBytes Videocast. – I will await any recommendations in lieu of my own investigations/experiments.


Moving on, we look at the Facebook incident and unfortunately anyone who has dared to write about FOSS being a valid choice in place of proprietary will see the whole saga as not surprising.  With that in mind it does nothing for my opinion of Facebook, in my view it was and is an insidious service which I have refused to have any part of.

PSN Back up!

The PSN is up again! At the time of writing this I saw that news hours late, which maybe is a testament to how important the PSN was in my  life.  Will I be clambering to get back on? No – I’ll take a look when I get some spare time.  I suppose its celebrations though for those who live by it. – Sony in my view had better eat some humble pie for the foreseeable future, they have many customers to win back.

It’s a F’Kin sell out!

I had a funny “debate” the other day with a regular Windows Advocate on Usenet.  It was based around the Kin (you surely remember that?) Anyhow, the upshot of the persons argument was an apparent resentment to me calling the Kin a “lifeless brick” which he could not understand shouldn’t be taken literally.  Of course we all remember how few units Microsoft sold before it was “killed” and this particular Windows advocate seemed to think that Kin wasn’t doing so bad after all because they were still selling the Kin devices today  (or flogging off surplus – depending on your viewpoint).

Taking the Windows advocate’s claim at face value though it would appear Microsoft’s WP7 has even more to worry about – Not only are people flocking to Android and Apple products, but now Windows Phone 7 has to compete with people who want to buy a Kin? – Oh dear.  Bad times ahead? or at the very least a Windows Advocate who needs to think through his advocacy first before he types it. You’ve got to love Microsoft Advocacy – You can find some fine examples of it in comp.os.linux.advocacy – Quite why they frequent a Linux group is anyone’s guess.


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