Linux gaming: GCT (Greedy Car Thieves) & Linux is a profitable platform!

Cast your mind back to 1997 and the Grand Theft Auto origins which whilst very different to the CPU demanding version of today had users flocking to (what was then) a cutting edge game.

During the history of the GTA series, the core experience has remained the same, engage in missions, steal a few cars and make a mess of your environment.  Modern-day users lap up this “digital-realism” on high spec PC’s and consoles, but there are some of us who remember the game of old with a fondness and a tear in the eye.

The original top down game was full of charm with one of the things that cemented in my mind from all the way back in 1997 was the music score.  One such memorable track was a country score and even 14 years on I still have the tune occasionally pop up in my head.

So whilst we are in 2011 and a very different market to 1997,  one indi software house is producing a title which not only lends heavily on the charm of the original GTA but also is supporting Linux.

GCT is described by its creators as:

A fresh new sandbox game is now upon you! Follow the stories of a couple of friends from childhood, who now stand on the opposite sides of barricade – Thomas is a lawman, Kevin works for Mafia. Witness how their life paths cross while they take hard decisions, leading to a dramatic finale. Out of the story mode, multi-player awaits you, where you can face real players in various game types. Shootouts, car thefts, pursuits around the cities; all that within this fast-paced game!

Its currently in Beta with versions for both 32 and 64bit machines available to download now.  Whilst its still being developed you can get a very good idea of how the final version will pan out, with the all too familar top-down GTA getting a modern update “twist” for GCT.


Regarding cost, in an interview with “Drivinggamespro” its reported that the developers have said:

We hope to have finished the whole game (single-player and multi-player) by July 2011. As for the fee, we would like to sell the single-player mode (along with the multi-player) via digital distribution sites at a very low price, something around 5 EUR/USD/GBP. Additionally, we would like to release the multi-player totally for free but enriched with adverts.

This way players wouldn’t have to pay anything for playing multi-player and we could have money for developing further games (and we have some really nice ideas, this time much more original). To be honest, this is how we would like to see our games in future – free with adverts. We believe this would be comfortable for both parties, i.e. us and the players. We will see.


What is interesting about release of GCT (albeit Beta) is that its yet another title supporting Linux and yet another game from Indi developers which has a good chance of being a huge hit.

Supporting Linux & the Indi gaming scene!

From, the sales for the various platforms. Not exactly 0.7% for Linux eh? On top of that Linux users gave more than double that of Windows users on average

It can’t be argued that Minecraft continues to be a hugely succesful title.  Its Java code allows it to be accessable to all users and that is something which I think is more and more important in a world where for the majority of tasks, you don’t need to be running a Microsoft system or indeed any particular system.

For small companies, they are going to want to appeal to as many potential customers as they can and with Linux having a large user base that is largely untapped by many firms, it is certainly profitable.  Want an example?  Look at how much Linux users paid for the Humble Indi Bundle compared to Windows users.

Whatever you want to believe Linux usage figures are, the Humble Bundle suggest that there is a huge demand for native Linux titles and Linux users have “cash on the hip” which they are more than happy to give for quality products.

Could 2011 be the year of the cross platform indi-developer? The creators of Minecraft and Humble Indi Bundle may well agree with that statement.


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