The relentless issues of WP7 – You really couldn’t make this up.

I find myself again distracted from a rather large post which will be focusing on the rather “un-secret” Usenet “secret” but it’s rather more relevant at the present time to report that yet again its claimed that Windows 7 has run into update problems.

When I predicted that the WP7 would be lacking even months before the first phone touting it had hit the shelves, little could I imagine the issues that the phone would have post-release.  To say it beggars belief is an understatement.

The upgrade problems/bugs of WP7 have been documented here, along with the features missing, the real sales figures that Microsoft seems to still be keeping close to its chest and the continuing search for me to actually find someone I know who owns one of these devices, so its only right we continue that tradition of pointing and laughing with this piece of news.

Computer World is reporting that Samsung Focus owners in the US are having a few difficulties in regards to upgrading.  Apparently they have not received notification that updates are available.

Microsoft are reported to have said:

The team discovered a technical issue with the update package for this model. The work of fixing and testing the package is nearly done, and the team hopes to resume update deliveries soon…


Add another WP7 issue to the list.  It’s rather sad that comments like this seem all too familiar from Redmond these days.  I wrote recently how it appeared even diehard Microsoft users are losing confidence in Microsoft products.  I don’t blame them.

In the meantime, Android phones and Apple are doing very well.  As I said on a previous article, it makes the fake funeral PR stunt that Microsoft held for the iPhone look even sillier now.


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2 thoughts on “The relentless issues of WP7 – You really couldn’t make this up.

Add yours

  1. Wow -did you write this from your ipad? Because I’m writing this from my wonderful Samsung Focus (fully updated) WP7 phone. Which shits all over my iPhone 4. Keep swallowing Steve Jobs loser.

  2. Lol…

    I suppose when you have a WP7,the only thing you can do is swear and be insulting to distract from the platforms short-comings.

    I wonder why the Iphone and Android are utterly destroying WP7? Maybe its because people want those products.

    What a great example of “Microsoft Advocacy”….although Ive come to expect bad behaviour and a potty mouth from Microsoft advocates…..

    Must be hard times ahead. Poor WP7.

    Kind regards

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