TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 42 – 29/04/11 – “An audiovisual extravaganza!”

Intro music: “I fought the troll” by Tom Smith.  You can find more of his work here.

Hosts: Tim (OpenBytes) Roy (Techrights)

Taking our first steps into a video show, keep with us, this is merely the testing stage!

The title of the show probably hints on greater things than what was actually achieved but Techbytes episode 42 marks the beginning of a complimentary videocast.  After a couple of hours work (and putting on hold an article which Ive spent quite a lot of time on) myself and Roy took the first steps into the world of videocasting and at least now have a base to work from with future shows.

With that in mind, we present our regular audiocast too, with the following topics covered:

* Digital Britain? – As mentioned on a previous show (and articles on Openbytes) Britain is far from digital..more analogue.

* We discuss Microsoft and the how the recent results posting may have led to the 4% drop in stock value which I mentioned on a previous article.

Nokia to shed 7,000 staff as part of “reorganization”

* We discuss the excellent Groklaw site and how it may continue with a new focus on issues relevant today.

* I speak about my latest addiction to Minecraft (and lay the blame squarely on Fab from the Linux Outlaws!)

* Mention is made of my experiences with idesk / Openbox DE in the context of #!CBL (Statler) an excellent distro.

We also request any suggestions for producing a video show, I mention Kdenlive and Cinelerra as possible tools for editing which Ive recently been looking at.

Since I have an unofficial ASBO preventing me from putting death metal on the show, its Roys selection today.  At the time of writing this, I have no idea whats going to be on, so I will merely say:

The musical tastes of Roy do not necessarily reflect those of Goblin.  Any music which doesn’t make your eardrums bleed is not likely to be endorsed by Goblin, Openbytes or any of his related projects.

I jest of course, I am sure Roy’s selection will be tasteful and appropriate!.

You can listen to the show here:


If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.

Skype: tim.openbytes
I can also be found in #techrights, #techbytes on

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