With people around the world celebrating the Royal Wedding, good cheer may be hard to find around Redmond today.  If Steve Ballmer had considered raising a glass to the happy Royal couple, then the news on the Microsoft stock drop may instead have the chairs flying.

It is being reported that Microsoft stock is down more than 4%, the largest one day drop the company has seen for 2 years.

Business Insider said:

The stock is down more than 4%, its biggest drop since July 2009, when the company reported disappointing earnings for the fourth quarter of its 2009 fiscal year……

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-stock-sees-biggest-plunge-in-two-years-because-of-bad-pc-sales-2011-4#ixzz1KwcI7hM5

Is this the start of a more aggressive erosion of Microsoft? It certainly would not surprise me since we see almost every avenue of revenue being eaten away at by competitors with popular and loved products.  With Windows sales allegedly dropping 4% and general PC sales 8%, its looking like a little bad news for Microsoft.

Lets look at some other examples:

Zune – If that was to be an iPod destroyer, then for me it failed more spectacularly than the Kin did as a phone.  The Zune “technology” now appears to be little more than a reincarnation on the WP7 platform.

Kin – Need we say more?

WP7 – Despite marketing campaigns and “advocacy”, it still appears people are overlooking it for Android phones or Apple and thats forgetting about its lacking features or the issues which have been reported.

Bing – How much money is Microsoft pouring into this?  There are figures thrown around the net, but whatever the truth, Microsoft shareholders surely cannot be very happy with the impact its had (or rather not had) on Google.

Microsoft Office – For the vast majority of users I have one question: Libreoffice – Why pay more?

Windows 7 – Can’t shake the XP syndrome – that’s great for XP, not so great for Microsoft to make money.

Xbox360 – Despite claims of great success, its reported that Sony outsold the 360 for the last two years.  With no Bluray and a subscription based online play service, does this come as a surprise to anyone? (lets not forget the rather large issue of the RROD and that its alleged Microsoft are only now starting to make money on the platform)

In my view Microsoft is a bloated beast, from the views I read it appears that internally its a hive of politics, backstabbing and personal agenda’s.  How long can Microsoft remain in “control” of the computing world?  – I’d say as long as its war chest of cash holds out.  In the meantime, it will be the shareholders who see their investment go the way of the u-bend, if this is indeed a small glimpse of a downward spiral to come.


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