The internet is rife with allegations, claims and counter claims about many individuals who write about FOSS and GNU/Linux.

Putting those aside though, the most rewarding part of entering the Linux/FOSS world are the friendships I’ve made over the years (as well as the great computing experience I now have)

There can be no doubt that many people will know the name Dr Schestowitz and whether you agree with his views or not, its fair to say that many people have strong opinions on his writing.

Getting involved with the TechBytes project and Dr Schestowitz was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’ve had a better insight than most since I have not only met Roy in person as a guest at my home, but also every week I record with him on the TechBytes show.

I am repeatedly made aware that many people have claims/questions to Roy, but I’m not here to defend his view and I’m sure Roy wouldn’t want me to.  What I can try to do is cut out all of the FUD and misinterpretation/false claims by interviewing Roy and putting questions from users directly to him.

I extend the offer to anyone, if you don’t want to post the questions here, then please feel free to email or use any of my contact points.  I will let this offer run for about 2 weeks before putting them to him on an audiocast which will hopefully be hosted at a neutral venue.

I sincerely hope you will take up the opportunity.


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