WP7 – The saga continues – When even the diehard can’t advocate?

Thank You Microsoft for showing us how good the engineers at APPLE and GOOGLE are..

Source: User commenting on Windows Team Blog

How long until WP7 becomes a lifeless brick? 😉 I would suppose it depends on how much money Microsoft pumps into the "next of Kin"

There’s no real news on the Windows Phone 7 front, however WP7 does have particular interest with me.  After the Kin debacle the “successes” of the Windows Phone 7 and the strategy with which Microsoft is trying to market it make for fascinating viewing.  Just like the Kin, we are seeing plenty of attempts by “advocates” to champion the device, but we all know how the Kin turned out, don’t we?

I am still trying desperately to find anyone I know in my circle of friends who actually has one of these devices, but so far the quest has been akin (no pun intended) to that of looking for the Holy Grail.

Now it appears that even previously supportive Microsoft customers are beginning to lose patience with Microsoft and these are some recent comments made on one of Microsoft’s own blogs:

Heres an interesting selection:

….. it is apparent that morale is rapidly deteriorating amongst your core supporters; I hope, I really do, you guys have a plan to recover and restore some of it. Otherwise, do not count on many of us to return with open arms to your future promises. 

Source: User commenting on Windows Team Blog

It’s looking a bit dismal guys.  What looks like Microsoft’s ‘long-time’ users becoming disappointed with this whole ‘update’ farce. 

Source: User commenting on Windows Team Blog

I feel like such a tool for buying into this platform at this point.  Once again it would seem I’m going to get jammed by MS’s over-promising and under-delivering.

Source: User commenting on Windows Team Blog

Last year and before WP7 was released, a disaster was predicted.   It was obvious to me that with the popularity of Apple and its iproducts, coupled with Androids successes, the WP7 just didn’t cut it in an already established marketplace.  At that time the WP7 had not even been released so I wasn’t even factoring in the “hiccups” we have seen with WP7 along the way.

Lets remind ourselves at what other sites were saying about Windows Phone 7 before it hit market:

There’s no kind way to say it: Windows Phone 7 will be a failure…..It is supposed to ship around Christmas 2010, but anyone who gets one will prefer a lump of coal. I really mean that.

Source: Infoworld (July 2010)

a belated, wrongheaded attempt to shamelessly copy Apple too late to make a difference,

Source: Daniel Dilger (March 2010)

The as-yet unreleased Windows Phone 7 is a “waste of time and money”, a “disaster” that Microsoft should kill as soon as possible. So says Galen Gruman of Infoworld

Source: Guardian.co.uk

Look at the popularity of Android & Apple devices then sprinkle a few of the missing features and problems Windows Phone 7 has had along the way.  The question is now, how much money will Microsoft pump into this latest project of theirs?  In light of the mock funeral Microsoft staged for Apple iPhone as a publicity stunt for WP7.  It will be hilarious to watch another Microsoft product sink in a sea of apathy from the public at large.


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4 thoughts on “WP7 – The saga continues – When even the diehard can’t advocate?

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  1. Microsoft needs to give up on the phone market. The Windows interface is not easily adaptable to smaller devices.

    1. Hi.

      I am not sure if it can. Even if the WP7 is destined to flop, they have to try. Try for their shareholders and try because they need a revenue stream since it appears all the others are being eaten into by competitors with popular products. I don’t believe MS can continue to support itself on Windows and office alone, so its a case of slinging mud at the wall and hoping something will stick.

      Kind regards

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