“Me too” Microsoft now Streetside – Have they heard of Google’s Streetview?

Just like I saw with WP7, I believe its a watered down version of an already successful product…

Climb aboard the good ship Microsoft as it plays catchup with another product! Microsoft, your time has Bing and gone.

As if I needed further proof for my opinion that Microsoft is playing catchup in so many area’s of tech, we receive the news that Microsoft is starting its “innovation” of street view albeit Bing “Style”, entitled “Streetside”

So its catchup time again for Microsoft, however upon closer inspection we already see the cracks showing in the product:

We’re not setting out to record every street. We believe it is most valuable in urban centres where people want to find services…..

Source: BBC (From Microsoft statement)

So its not Google Streetview then is it?  Just like I saw with WP7, I believe it’s a watered down version of an already successful product  – I’ll let you decide though.  Watch out for a Bingmobile in a town near you!

And Ballmer still continues to be CEO? What on earth does the man have to do (or not do) in order for him to get the boot?  I’d reinforce my view that his Microsoft days are numbered and its alleged Mr Ballmer is not too popular with his employee’s either.  With yet another apparent catchup product on the books, I can’t say I blame them.


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7 thoughts on ““Me too” Microsoft now Streetside – Have they heard of Google’s Streetview?

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  1. Hi!

    But surely that would be anti-competitive!!!!!!!!!! Poor Microsoft, remember their recent statement of:

    “…..we’re concerned by a broadening pattern of conduct aimed at stopping anyone else from creating a competitive alternative.”

    And its Microsoft saying that!

    As I say, Microsoft to me is merely trying to chase the tail of competitors more successful products….what with that and the patent maneuvers we have seen, it seems to me that all is not well on the “good ship” Microsoft….

    Kind regards

    1. Hope M$ checked first to make sure Google doesn’t have a patent on street viewing from a web based mapping application…


  2. Great Failboat Image. Microsoft street cred == 0

    If you see the Bingmobile, be sure to tell Microsoft what you think of them. Flip them off, moon them, etc. After all the BS they gave Google about privacy for street view, surely they will edit all the people out one at a time.

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