It seems that  “Startup Britain” has hit a BSOD and we can thank Internet Explorer and Windows.

On Monday a site was launched with the backing of David Cameron for “helping” entrepreneurs with their Start-up…. Oh joy, you know this will be good.

We’ve seen what happens when MP’s get involved in IT.  They don’t understand fully and even the BBC hasn’t yet seemed to work out (when it’s talking about malware, virus’s or exploits) it’s talking about Windows machines NOT PC’s.  So when the government gives its backing to try to “help” entrepreneurs and incorporates IT, you know there will be trouble…and there was.

A site supported by David Cameron et al for the purpose of giving “helpful” tips seems to have decided that the best way to help a budding Alan Sugar is to infect their machines with malicious software.  Of course this is only applicable for the aforementioned apprentices who are running Windows and Internet Explorer.

I should add (for the people that can’t identify sarcasm) Mr Cameron didn’t want to infect people’s Windows machines but as I said before MP+IT = #Fail.  The Mail covers this story (and an excellent read):

….users were redirected to a fake anti-virus page given a prompt saying their computer was infected and encouraging them to download a fix

Read more:

and in respect of the “link”

…contained malware but only affected the browser Internet Explorer, even the most recent versions.

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I would suggest you read the entire article.   It’s reported that the matter is now resolved though so anyone who still uses IE can rest easy that presently the site is safe again.

With Firefox reportedly smashing Internet Explorer downloads and Microsoft still battling to get people off IE6, maybe those users who refuse to leave IE6 should just stick with it?  It doesn’t seem like later versions of IE are any better.

It seems that  “Startup Britain” has hit a BSOD and we can thank Internet Explorer and Windows.


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