ZTE – “no reason for it to develop a smartphone running WP7”

Allegedly Ballmer said he was to "kill Google", if thats the case then secure the chairs at Redmond this week, ZTE does not seem to want WP7. I wonder how long before WP7 goes the way of the Kin?

Mobile phone company ZTE will probably have a few chairs flying at Redmond this week with its announcement that it doesn’t see any reason to go with a WP7 smartphone.  And who can blame them?  NetworkWorld is reporting that ZTE have said:

Smartphone maker ZTE has publicly dissed Microsoft, saying the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system is not popular enough, nor has Microsoft done enough to make it so, and that ZTE sees no reason for it to develop a smartphone running WP7……..ZTE is not the first handset maker to express disappointment with Microsoft over WP7……..

Source: NetworkWorld

Disappointment over WP7? Thats rather polite.  Just like the Kin, Zune, Vista et al, many tech writers believed that these products didn’t meet the grade at time of first announcement and it seems only the vast war chest of cash Microsoft threw at them prolonged their life long enough to be slightly more than a blip on tech history.

I have previously commented that fun could be poked at Redmond whilst it blunders around with these “projects” but unfortunately the victims of these “idea’s” are paying customers who sadly bought into the advertising campaigns, PR and MVP promotion.  These end-users are the ones who are left out-of-pocket with a product which very few people use and watch as the rest of the world buys products which are received far better.

It was reported that Steve Ballmer said in 2005:

I’m going to f—ing kill Google

Source: SMH

So come on Stevie, you’ve had 6 years and Google has gone from strength to strength.  When is this “onslaught” to start Stevie? I wonder, are your shareholders still asking when this “killing” is going to happen or have they given up?

It seems ironic that the mighty Microsoft that once was the only word on people’s lips, now seems to have most articles (certainly in the case of OpenBytes) dedicated to one product and its failings.

To end this article and for me to show the lack of love for WP7, we will quote some comments from readers of NetworkWorld and elsewhere on the net, which I think give a very good insight into people’s feelings:

MS can steal ideas but it cant buy success. This is whats leftover after you steal everything you can get away with. It was born from theft. It lies to the people all the time and in the end the people lose

Source: Commenter on Networkworld

I don’t like Microsoft’s products, like Office, Hotmail, IE, Zune, Bing, Bing Maps. So when Microsoft makes a mobile OS that requires me to use 4 of the aforementioned products I feel entitled to SLAM WP7 on principle alone.

Source: Commenter on Networkworld

…. I had to make a decision based on how I used my last smartphone whether to wait for WP7 or go with what I knew I could work with. And since I had followed it I knew WP7 wouldn’t cut it.

Source: Commenter on Networkworld

….It would seem that if it was so good, a company putting a lot of effort behind it might expect to gain a lot of ground as the leader if they could get it into the hands of their users. I suspect it’s not really so well regarded. And I further suspect no company is willing to sacrifice itself on the alter of a smartphone OS that would have been a hit in 2006, but not in 2011. Except Nokia. Be sure to practice early by saying at least once a day, “Nokia who?”

Source: Sinister Midget III – Comp.os.linux.advocacy

I do hope WP7 rattles on for some time to come (fingers crossed, we are passed Kin lifespan!), if it wasn’t for the not-so-smart phone, then I don’t think I’d write much about Microsoft at all.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.


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