More misery for Microsoft as Windows SP1 is hosing systems

If it’s not WP7 being hosed, its Windows 7 – complaints are allegedly still rife regarding the issues some people are having with SP1.

since Windows 7 SP1 was released late last month, many users have been grumbling on forums about problems with the install of the update package……….The Register has heard from lots of disgruntled readers who are wasting precious time having to rebuild their machines after the service pack had led to fatal flaws in the OS

Source: The Register

Now whilst some Microsoft advocates are always quick to allege that Windows “just works” and is “easy to use” (whilst claiming Linux is a a complex hobbyist system) it appears that Windows SP1 installs are not going very smoothly

Microsoft has surprised me though, it not yet playing the blame game.  In fact, it appears Microsoft doesn’t really know whats going on:

... one MS employee confessed today that the firm had yet to nail the cause of the errors.

“We’re hard at work here trying to see what’s happening on these particular failures,” wrote a Redmond wonk with the handle Joscon. “I don’t have an answer yet, but as soon as I know something, you’ll know it. Please keep me informed on any failures and symptoms you have on these machines.”

Source: The Register

Get yourself over to the article on The Register, it’s a very interesting read and its a subject I am sure will be brought up on TechBytes in the near future.

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5 thoughts on “More misery for Microsoft as Windows SP1 is hosing systems

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  1. Thanks, this is a great post. I’ve added it to my Windows 7 Failure log. So much for the often repeated Microsoft nonsense, “Wait for after service pack 1, that fixes everything.” Vista is a four year old mess and there’s no end of failure in sight.

  2. Some people collect stamps. Some people tend a garden. Some people write poetry. Twitter catalogs every news article about problems with a computer operating system in order to mock it. *sigh*

    1. Not a bad idea if someone wants to make an informed choice about what solution to choose.

      Every OS has issues, it just appears that when anyone dares to suggest that you don’t have to select a Microsoft solution, out of the woodwork people appear to dismiss it and make allegations against them.

      Whatever your choice of OS you have the potential to run into problems, just like we saw with Vista, bare faced claims that there was nothing wrong with it…….people have changed their tune now because there is something new to buy 7. I expect we will get the same thing when 8 is released.

      I have to say though, one certain MVP was quite hard on SP1 saying that it “offered no major update” – I’d disagree, if your machine is hosed by SP1 then you won’t have to worry any more about securing Windows…..that to me is a major benefit and maybe the naughty SP1 is not such a bad thing afterall.

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