Microsoft now #failing with the console too?

Despite getting the early start with its 360, its appearing that Microsoft is now losing the console battle which can be added to the list of other “battles” such as smartphones and search.  For the last two years it is allegedly being outsold by the Bluray equipped PS3.

It is reported that Sony’s PS3 shipped 2.2m more units than the 360 in 2010.  The reasons for this could be numerous, disaffection with Microsoft, no BluRay on the 360 or the RROD.  The approximate numbers being reported as sold are: WII – 17million, PS3 – 14.4million and 360 on 12.2million.  Oh dear.  Maybe the Kinect (like I said at the time) wasn’t the major draw to the console that some claimed and maybe only set to appease existing 360 users and people who wanted to use the Kinect on a different platform altogether.

Gamersmint comments:

2009/10: PS3 Slim sold 3.1 million units more than Xbox 360.

2010/11: PS3 Slim sold 4.7 million units more than Xbox 360.

As you can see since the launch of the PS3 Slim, Sony has outsold Microsoft’s console when it comes to number of hardware units moved.


I’ll end on quoting myself from a recent article:

……maybe as a testament to Microsoft losing power in the IT world I find myself having less enthusiasm/interest in a company which to me is slowly loosing its grip on just about everything in the world of IT/tech.

Take away the 360 and what generated success does Microsoft actually have….Windows 7 (well that’s aided by OEM, so for me doesn’t count)

What has Microsoft got to look forward too? Answers on a postcard or a stamp…. Just don’t ask an MVP they had to sign NDA’s.

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  1. Let’s wait and see Microsoft’s year end numbers. I’m expecting that the impact of the IPad will show up clearly by that point. If there is a significant drop in sales, it will signal the start of the Death Spiral I’ve been predicting.


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