I’ve decided to have a new section on the Openbytes blogazine where I take a look at my views and experiences over the previous week.  Some of these topics may be covered on the TechBytes show, but mainly it will be subjects and opinions which are too large for a Tweet/Dent and haven’t had an article in their own right.


I see Torrent Freak (as usual) has written an excellent article.  This time focusing around the arrest of an alleged uploader of around 1000 films.   Torrent Freak highlight how their advice of precautions were seen as paranoia in 2008, it appears they were right.  I also said on a previous TechBytes show that we would see an increase in individual cases and not batch allegations due to the fact it was rather easy to build a large portfolio of evidence on an individual.   It seems I’m proving right and I think there will be more of this in the future.

The ACS:LAW story featured on the BBC on Thursday.  Very disappointing and in no way a comprehensive summary of events to date.


Android is to have the Seti@home project brought to its market place, a unique and interesting project which I’ve contributed to over the years.

Oilrush is showing in its published figures that Linux sales far outstrip those of Windows users.  I wonder who the “freetards” really are, or maybe its a testament to the popularity of Linux? I’ll let you decide.  Of course you could also argue that Windows users have a larger selection of games available and hence Oilrush competes in a larger marketplace, but whatever the reason, Oilrush stats can be thrown back at any Microsoft advocate who suggests a Linux user won’t pay for software.


The Next Web seem to have offered a retraction of sorts for their claimed figures of WP7 app sales after they were challenged by a developer.  I wonder, how much attention are they paying to their sources?  If they hadn’t been challenged do you think they would have double checked at all?

Sony/Playstation 3

The ban on the importation of PS3 consoles to europe by a court order from LG has been lifted allegedly.  After a patent dispute regarding its BluRay tech, a few hundred thousand consoles were prevented from entering Europe.  Sony are now reported to have announced:

At a court hearing in the Hague yesterday, Sony’s arguments were accepted and the seizure order was lifted….We understand that there will now be no problem re-starting imports of the PlayStation 3 to Europe.

Source: Daily Mail

There could be a large claim against LG for this incident.  Unfortunately I have little sympathy…. “life” may no longer be “good” for LG.

The PSN was taken down this week for essential work, closing Wednesday from 1600 to 0300.  A very silly time to shut up shop in my view, with many people complaining that the bad timing prevented them from checking out the Mortal Combat demo.  Whilst that was of no interest to me, the timing did seem odd however it gave me opportunity to examine further God of War 3 and the latest batch of titles I received from LoveFilm (i know, I’m late with that title). Let me sum up that experience very quickly: average, bordering on poor.  GOW3 plays like a game of Dragons Lair or Space Ace, with boss characters taken down with a sequence of keypresses in a similar style.  The rest of the game is a series of simple puzzles and the annoying jumping around high places, die then repeat, with an occasional smattering of button mashing.  Sure the game looks good and makes an excellent tech demo, but other than that it holds little interest to me.

Next up, Red Dead Redemption or more accurately GTA with cowboys.  Whilst I wear the hat, I’ve no real interest in playing wild west, so RDR did not appeal to me from the outset.  Overall view of RDR? – Can’t be bothered with it.  Characters seemed as clicked as those in a Carry On film.  Online play seems fun but then I have plenty of on line titles Id much rather play.  Another title to go back to Lovefilm rather quickly.

Dead Nation saw an update on Monday which allows voice chat for multiplayer games and a host of other updates.  A great title to check out if you missed it first time around.

I’ve started to look at Trinity despite getting luke warm reviews, first impressions? It’s quite good and despite the disappointing gfx and “hold your hand” gameplay I’m finding myself enjoying this somewhat restrictive RPG. I’ll probably have more to say on it next week.

Finally, an observation.  Since Sony announced that they would be disconnecting hacked PS3’s from the PSN, I’ve noticed that my skill level when playing online has taken a massive jump.  I wonder could these hacked machines have been running patches to give an advantage in some online titles?  Who knows, but I am at a loss to explain why I’m suddenly getting  more enjoyable games and why the player who seemed impossible to kill and amasses a huge score at the end of the round no longer seems as common.

So that’s it for the week ending 13th March 2011, thanks for reading, mailing and support. Its appreciated.


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