Windows 7 app sales error? – Next Web gets corrected by developer

Over on “The Next Web” there’s some bold claims being made in respect of the profitability of Windows Phone 7.  You will be forgiven, if like me you struggle to think of anyone with WP7.

Now we move on to the “advocacy” and “good reports” of how everything is wonderful in the wibbly wobbly world of WP7.  In this example the site “The Next Web” uses figures in regards to WP7 app sales which have to be corrected by a commenter claiming to be the dev themselves.  Let me quote the article first:

Other standout independent games included Krashlander, which sold nearly 16,000 units up to the same date.

Unfortunately for Next Web, the dev turns up on the comments section to burst their bubble:

Um, I’m the developer of Krashlander and my sales are NOT 16,000.

I think your numbers represent downloads, not sales. People can downloads the trials for free.

My sales are probably more like 3000 since launch in late October.

-Jeff Weber

Oh dear.  3000 since late October?  Thats not too good.  I wonder how many other figures quoted are based merely on downloads or even just a number plucked out of the air? – Lets move on.

The Next Web also says:

Fruit Ninja has grossed $150,000 on Windows Phone 7, and under $20,000 on Android. The app on WP7 sold more units at three times the price. Make that what you will.


And unfortunately a different user challenges that with:

Fruit ninja was downloaded from 100.000 to 500.000 times on Android. If we want to be conservative, it made at least 99,000$. Don’t know from where that 20.000 came from..

So whats going on?  Who is pimping these figures and whats the truth?  Are these of TNW’s creation or are they merely recycling the claims of others?  I suggest the best way to get a rough idea of how much interest the WP7 invokes is to merely ask yourself “How many people do I actually know with a WP7 phone”, I wonder if the answer is like my experience, none at all.  And who can blame people for not being interested, its a “new” Microsoft product put out against the mature iPhone or Android phones.  Its has more than its share of bad publicity with features missing, update issues, data gobbling.  Ive said before, I think Microsoft are finding that they can’t dictate to people anymore and in the main people are simply not interested in any more Microsoft products if they can avoid them.

I’ll certainly be reading TNW from now on, it’s Microsoft stance is definitely one to keep an eye on.


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4 thoughts on “Windows 7 app sales error? – Next Web gets corrected by developer

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  1. Simple answer is someone is lying. Or possibly being misleading. I caught a local lawyer who works for the Canadian Recording Industry Association as a Lobbyist being slightly misleading. The way his article was written it gave the impression that Canadian artists were solidly behind the new copyright legislation which is wending it’s way slowly through Parliament.

    While his article gave that impression, it didn’t actually say it. Further, an investigation showed that almost everyone who was crying for passage of the law worked for the Record Labels, or for Artists Representatives (Agents). The vast majority of artists weren’t making any statements in favor of the legislation.

    Needless to say my popularity in certain quarters is once again on the upswing 🙂


    1. Its very interesting to see the side effect of the net. For those interested in any topic, any comment or claim made can usually comprehensively researched and if required challenged.

      I am sure you, like I stand behind everything you say, the challenge from the dev at the claimed WP7 sales shows that for whatever reason figures pimped need to be looked at further. I am happy for people to research what I state, I have no financial interest in anything I write about.

      This article for me highlights exactly what was happening when Vista was released, bare faced denials and claims that anyone who stated that Vista was a pig was lying. Of course I think its fair to say its agreed by many that Vista was that digital pig and why would Microsoft care now? They sold the pig, people bought it and now they can sell you Windows 7 with claims its better.

      Looking at Kin for a second we saw the same types of claims of greatness with that, only for it to end in tears and a few users who were gullible enough to buy it be stuck with the thing…don’t worry though buy WP7 its great, everyone loves it!……allegedly…..

      I believe Microsoft has completely lost the mobile phone war, infact I’d go as far as to say it was never even a war. I can hear a ticking noise, I think Mr Ballmers job is on borrowed time as CEO in Microsoft….shame too since I think his “leadership” has created the diverse marketplace that will eventually hobble Microsoft completely and for that the end-user owes him much. I’m sure though if he gets the boot from Microsoft he would be a great Microsoft “advocate” – Mr Ballmer, work hard enough at pimping Microsoft and you might become an MVP.

      And what of the fake funeral/PR stunt Microsoft staged at the launch of WP7 to signify the “death” of iphone? How silly do the people from Redmond look now?

  2. Tim, you have a very valid point. I do not know a single person with a WP7. Most of the people I know were talking about the Iphone a year ago, but now they have played with other peoples Android devices (not just mine) that is no longer the case. From speaking to young people I get the distinct impression they would be laughed at if they had a WP7. Microsoft is not only no longer cool for the young it is a social mistake. It only remains to be seen if MS has enough advertising money to turn that perception around.

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