VICE 2.3 – C64/128, Vic20, Pet, Plus4, CBM-II emulation!

Vice on Linux (Sabayon-Gnome) probably one of the most respected emulators for the Commodore range of computers.

On the 26th February version 2.3 of this popular emulation package was released over on Sourceforge.

Since I am a keen Commodore user (and still own working original hardware) I thought I would take a look at the latest version to see how things have progressed.

Providing emulation for the Commodore family of computers (C64/128, Vic20, Pet, Plus4, CBM-II), Vice is known as a solid emulator and a great addition to the library of any Linux user who has an interest in emulation, the machines supported are a valuable and integral part of computing history and whilst most users will merely want a trip down memory lane, there is an active homebrew community which still actively supports these old platforms.

Probably of most interest to myself in Vice 2.3 is the cartridge support, which the site states:  Action Replay 2, Action Replay 3 , Capture, Diashow Maker,  EXOS, Final Cartridge Plus,  Freeze Frame, Freeze Machine, Game Killer, MACH 5, Magic Voice, MMC Replay, Prophet 64, Snapshot 64, Super Explode V5, Super Snapshot – have all had fixes and/or been added.  There has been numerous other fixes and additions which can be read about here.

Whilst Vice can be run from the command line with options, it has a very comprehensive GUI which allows all manner of tweaking to whichever member of the Commodore family you are emulating.

Look for Vice in your repo’s, but failing that (or should it not contain the latest version) 2.3 can be downloaded from here.

Vice should not challenge even the most basic of systems, I think we are now past a point where performance issues impact on emulation of an 8bit platform.

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3 thoughts on “VICE 2.3 – C64/128, Vic20, Pet, Plus4, CBM-II emulation!

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  1. Been doing some programming in Commodore Basic just for the hell of it. It’s fun, though limiting, compared to the newer editors.


    1. Excellent stuff….I float to and from 68k asm…with the love of my computing life Devpac…..if only I could finish a project that I start!

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