Is this a WP7 phone after an update or a brick? Hard to tell.....

You may have read the last article regarding Microsoft’s “update” for the Windows Phone 7, this had reports of some Samsung phones effectively being “bricked” by an update.

It is being reported that despite Microsoft withdrawing the aforementioned update and then re-releasing it this week, that the “bricking” continues.  PC World reports:

After resuming the update to Samsung Windows phones on Wednesday, Microsoft is running into problems again.

Source: PC World

As one commenter on the PC World site says:

Microsoft is fast becoming the laughing stock of the industry.  Unable to update its sorrowful Windows Phone 7 handsets, and the update falls in a heap. Tries again, and the update falls in a heap a second time. Users stung twice…………………  What’s going on at Redmond? It’s a complete fiasco.

One Twitter user who contacted Microsoft’s WP7 account says:

……….there is no reason for so many foul ups. At this point stop promising stuff and deliver.


Of course non of this comes as any surprise to me and what really beggars belief is that after WinMob, Kin, Zune and a whole host of luke warm products (and that’s being nice) there are a few people still parting with cash for “Windows” products.  Take the time to look at the Windows Phone 7 twitter account and read the plethora of problems being reported to them.  Issues with Windows Phone 7 don’t seem limited to Samsung phones and the latest update, there’s a multitude of other issues presented to them aswell.

Come on Ballmer, is this the best you have?  Is this whats to compete with Android and Apple?  You expect people to pay money for a Windows Phone? You expect developers to flock to WP7? Come on.

We can expect the excuses to come thick and fast, “Microsoft blames…..” is a popular one, as is “It’s a new platform….” . Whatever is said though, for the rest of us with alternatives to WP7, we can sit back and enjoy the show.

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