“Bricking it” – WP7 and its continuing tale of woe.

We now look at the latest story in “Carry on SmartPhone”[1]

If lackluster sales (reportedly) and missing features were not enough to have most overlooking the Windows Phone 7, then there is a new player in town.

It is reported that certain models of Samsung WP7 phones are being bricked by the “update to prepare for a update”…update (I hope you follow that!)

Whilst I find the physical Windows 7 Phone about as exciting or innovative as Mayleen Klass,  it certainly does make an interesting tale of woe to follow, especially since when the first details of the thing emerged, I predicted a flop…so far I’m proving right am I not?

Mary Jo Foley is hardly showering praise on it either:

My biggest qualm about buying a WP7, as I stated last fall, was that the device — in spite of the “7″ in its branding — is a version 1 product. Four-plus months after the phones began shipping, Microsoft is getting around to releasing its first updates for them. There are two “major” updates slated for calendar 2011 for the devices — “NoDo” and “Mango.” As Windows Phone Secrets author Paul Thurrott said, if the first update is any indication, I don’t have a lot of faith in what’s going to happen with the later ones.

Source: ZDNet

Dr Roy Schestowitz of Techrights says (in respect of WP7):

At the moment, it’s somewhat of a joke almost comparable with the KIN. But with so much money spent on advertising it may be hard to notice that advocacy of the platform is largely fake.

Source: http://techrights.org/2011/02/22/windows-phone-7-getting-bricked/

And I’d agree.

Even the BBC couldn’t manage to get a positive angle on Microsoft’s woes, with its best effort being:

The update problem comes at a bad time for Microsoft, as it attempts to grow its share of the lucrative smartphone market.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-12554499

And to end on a lighter note (whilst on the subject of the BBC) It was reported by them (earlier this month) that:

Mr Lees told the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones that compatibility with Microsoft’s Xbox and Internet Explorer web browsing software will give their phones an advantage.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-12463728

So if we can get over the mission critical must have Xbox integration – please note sarcasm here. Whats this about Internet Explorer web browsing that will give WP7 phones an advantage?  What advantage?  What will it do that Android or Apple users can’t already achieve?  Certainly it won’t be cut and paste, WP7 is just catching up with that one.  What about tethering? Nope I think they are slow out of the gate with that one too.  So come on Microsoft advocates, whats this advantage?

Keeping on the subject of Microsoft advocates and Windows Phone 7, after giving parties concerned more than a fair amount of time to respond properly to my requests for disclosure/clarity, I will revealing shortly one of the advocates of Windows Phone 7, where we will ask the question: Who exactly is “advocating” Microsoft products?

The whole WP7 would be very comical if it was not for the fact that there are innocent users parting with cash for these products.  Just like the Kin before it there are some who buy into the PR, the advertising, the “advocacy” and end up getting burnt. To those people, theyhave my pity.


[1] The “carry on” films were a series of UK comedy films.  You can read the Wikipedia entry here.

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