Entanglement – Browser based HTML5 fun!

Free and addictive fun on the Chrome store courtesy of Entanglement!

Ive always maintained that there is a market for those simple, addictive games on any platform.  You might be waiting for a download to finish, an email to come through or a message to pop up in IRC.  Whatever it is though there are always a few minutes of void to fill and this is where the traditional “little game” comes into its own.  On the Linux desktop I think users are sick to death of solitaire or mine sweeper and Entanglement fills that slot nicely.

Entanglement is available for free in the Chrome store and it a tile based game that runs in the browser where the aim is to make your line as long as you can by piecing together track for it to follow.  The game ends when your line either hits the side of the board or the center tile.   You get extra points if your line passes through already placed tiles.

Set to a calming, dreamy track, Entanglement is fiendishly addictive with the “one more go” feeling present every time you think you are done playing it.

I hope you are able to follow my description of gameplay, but probably the best way is to get yourself over to the site and try for yourself.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this title and possibly a suggestion for inclusion in the hybrid cloud distro Peppermint which I wrote this review using.


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