CREATIVE COMMONS: Oleg Serkov / Countdown

Its not often I designate an entire post to CC artists,  I believe the last time I did that was Jono Bacon and Severed Fifth.  Oleg Serkov is one of my more recent discoveries and his album had a track featured at the end of Episode 23 of the TechBytes show.

So how to describe Oleg Serkov?  Russian born guitarist, his first album (featured here) is Epoch Symbol which saw a release in 2009.  Its a non-vocal, Joe Satriani affair with 12 tracks of both heavy and melodic music.  My personal favourite would be LEO, but theres something here for everyone and one of the best place to hear this (and other) great CC work is to visit Jamendo. or visit Oleg’s homepage here:

More Satch/Steve Via instrumental electric guitar, this time courtesy of the band Countdown. I featured “Chur” in episode 28 of the TechBytes show.  The album Break Rise Blowing can be found here:

The point of this article is not only to introduce you to two great talents, but hope if you haven’t already, check out the great material available under a creative common license.  I do wonder why anyone bothers with “mainstream” rubbish, the real talent is on places like Jamendo and these are but two examples.

Three creative commons tracks that you have to download!

1. Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame – Pornophonique

2. Beating Heart – Severed Fifth

3. L.E.O – Oleg Serkov

Goblin – /

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