Anyone who has been following tech news since the release of Microsoft’s “me too” phone, may have observed like I, a distinct lack of interest both from users and developers.  I certainly didn’t see it trending on Twitter and a quick Google search brings up more articles on Microsoft being tight-lipped about sales than it does about any screams of excitement.  In fact I am very hard pushed to see what it is that Microsoft is actually offering with this phone that has not already been established on both Android phones and with Apple.   Mind you, I must not be alone in this observation since you just need to look at how many Android activations there are daily.

Apparently tight-lipped Microsoft at the CES this year maintained its stance, with Mary Jo Foley remarking on Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech:

At the kick-off Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 keynote by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on January 5, the more interesting bits were what Ballmer didn’t say…….He didn’t offer Windows Phone 7 sales numbers. (Microsoft said recently it had sold 1.5 million WP7 devices, but later admitted it had sold these to carriers, not consumers.)……

Source: ZDnet

and whilst Microsoft took one of its opportunities at CES to promote a new mouse its “innovated, all is not apparently well on the WP7.  PCWorld reports:

Reports across the web are surfacing that Microsoft has a serious problem with Windows Phone 7 that may become very expensive for some: the OS seems to use an awful lot of cellular bandwidth, even when idle. This means those with smaller data plans may find themselves in for a shock when their bill arrives.

Source: PCWorld

Paul Thurrott responded to a complaint regarding the bandwidth gorging by saying:

Yes, this is a curiously common problem, and I’m sort of shocked Microsoft hasn’t addressed this publicly yet, either to confirm it or to offer a fix. Basically what’s happening is that the phone is utilizing the 3G data connection even when Wi-Fi is available. It’s not clear what app(s) or part(s) of the OS is causing this, but it’s definitely widely-reported…..Microsoft? If this is your fault, as I suspect, you’re costing people money on this one.

Source: Paul Thurrott

I’d suggest though that anyone on a limited data-plan the problem would be more than “curious”, especially if they get charged extra for going over their agreed data limit.

Just like the real WP7 sales figures, Microsoft is yet to comment.  I’d suggest to Microsoft that if this allegation is true then they better start to find more Android phones to skim some profit from, if the WP7 has this type of issue now, it could be the final nail in the coffin for the phone and with it, Microsoft’s hopes of ever cracking the Smartphone market.

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