TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 23 – 02/01/11

Intro music: “I fought the troll” by Tom Smith.  You can find more of his work here.

Hosts: Tim (OpenBytes) Roy (Techrights) Gordon (Thistleweb)

Featured Track: “L.E.O” by Oleg Serkov

You can download episode 23 of the TechBytes show here.

Its 2011 and your favourite three hosts bring you the first episode of the new year.  Whilst covering topics from the news over a traditionally quieter period, the main focus of the show are issues/tech’s over Xmas.  As is our usual way, we digress into various semi-related and not so related side topics, but then being unprepared for these events makes it all the more fun!

* Hotmail goes missing? – Lost in the post gets a whole new meaning when its swiped from your inbox.  Who’s to blame? Whats the cause? We discuss this piece of breaking news.

* Consoles, Kinect RROD’s the 360? – We also delve into a small discussion about future tech, BluRay and the bad idea that was HDdvd.

* Sales figures for Amazon over Xmas, The Kindle was best selling gadget, so what was the number one selling console device?  It was a controller, but it wasn’t one that has you jumping around in front of your TV.

* Patents, HTC , Microsoft Tax – Why Microsoft can “win” even if it doesn’t create the things you buy.

* Gordon, Roy and myself give our predictions for 2011. Is Gordon going to play safe with a football prediction?  Whats Roy’s prediction? and when do I think Ballmer will be leaving Microsoft? – Download the show and find out!

Ending Track

Our ending track is one which I found almost by accident (and what a lucky find it was).  Oleg Serkov, a Russian born guitarist is creating some excellent music, which for me puts me in mind of Joe Satriani.  Beautiful instrumental with a melodic lead guitar makes Oleg’s work an instant hit with me.  The track at the end of the show is called L.E.O and you can find more of his music here:

You can also visit his homepage here.

In the meantime, to accompany the ending track, here is Oleg performing L.E.O live at the Roks Club last year:

Goblin – /

You can also contact me on Skype: tim.openbytes

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.


7 thoughts on “TechBytes Audiocast – Episode 23 – 02/01/11

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  1. Hello Tim, in Techbytes just after 50 minutes into the show (23) you said that “…if microsoft can’t make the products that people want to buy then it will cream a bit off the top of the people that do i’ve got no issue with that..” I know this is not a complete quote and you went on to criticise those companies who did not stand up to MS but it is a fair representation of what you said and not taken out of context. Would you please justify your remarks as they seem to me to be blaming the victim for the crime and going against everything that FLOSS stands for.

  2. Would you please justify your remarks as they seem to me to be blaming the victim for the crime and going against everything that FLOSS stands for.

    Yep and thanks for pointing it out. If you notice the debate was between Roy and myself in respect of me using the term “cross licensing” Roy didn’t like the term and I stated that I agreed with him in respect of what he was saying but tried to suggest that if a company bows to bullying tactics then it sort of validates the patent claim. The “ive got no issue with that was in the context of the parts that me and Roy agreed on and more in the sense of a claim being made and companies wishing to bow down to it….I certainly did not mean the claim itself.

    I presume both Roy and Gordon took that conversation in the way it was intended as otherwise I would have expected an immediate challenge.

    No, its certainly not ok to engage in these tactics, I was very annoyed when I found HTC signed with Microsoft and wrote a considerable amount about it.

    I hope this clears it up and thank you for highlighting it since its difficult “on the fly” to ensure that things are explained clearly and not misinterpretted and certainly I’ll make sure that this is cleared up on the next show.

    A badly worded response on my part, I apologize.


    1. You too. Like I say, I will be clearing that up on the next show…Far easier to do it there.

      Kind regards

  3. I wouldn’t mind wasting some time on a nice RPG 🙂

    What is this online RPG you mentioned in the show, but is missing from the show notes: Alturia or Arthoria or somesuch?

    I searched on your sites (for RPG and MUD) and with search engines, but the nearest I get is ?

    Is that the one, or am I overestimating your Germanic skillz? 🙂

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