Lost in the post? – Hotmail goes missing.

Over the Christmas period, many people felt let down by the numerous postal and parcel services in the UK.  To be fair though, in addition to it being a very busy period, the UK had been covered in a blanket of snow, which whilst it was predicted, as it always the case, the UK comes to a grinding halt almost before the first flake has hit the ground.

Microsoft (and its Hotmail service)  seems to be having similar problems, but unlike the UK where your post merely fails to get to you on time, this is more like its delivered to your house, then someone nicks it after its been read.  Let me explain:

Its being reported that some Hotmail users are complaining that their Hotmail has disappeared from their inbox.  As if people hadn’t already lost a little faith in cloud storage and Microsoft products (after Kin Studio is announced by Verizon to be shuting down) then disappearing mail may very be the final straw to have them looking to other providers.

The BBC reports that:

Users around the world say e-mails are missing from their inbox and from other folders within their Hotmail accounts……A spokeswoman for Microsoft said that the issue of missing e-mails was not a widespread problem.

So I suppose all is  ok then?  The majority of people won’t suffer any problems and that statement will appease the few “lucky” people it does?  I am sure the victims of whatever is at play here will merely put on a smile and think “Damn my rotten luck, at least though everyone else is ok

I wonder who/what Microsoft will blame this time? I wonder how isolated this really is?  The BBC (source for this article) doesn’t go into too much depth on this subject and we can probably expect the same few lines from Click, if it even gets a mention at all – afterall this is the BBC and the subject is Microsoft product shortcomings.

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3 thoughts on “Lost in the post? – Hotmail goes missing.

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    1. I’m always dubious of any hotmail email. Maybe like Microsoft’s ability to run a blogging service and the inability to make a significant impact with Bing, Hotmail is yet another example of Microsoft just not being able to succeed online.

      Food for thought.

      Kindest regards (and a happy new year to you and your family)


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