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Kinect and the RROD? – A new years “treat” for Kinect owners?

It is important to stress at present time this news comes from one source.  It is neither confirmed or denied by Microsoft at time of writing.

It is being suggested the Microsoft Kinect could be responsible for a “red ring of death” hardware failure of the 360.  As I say, this is a suggestion from one source which says:

Microsoft Kinect is giving sleepless night to many of the Xbox 360 owners as its causing a many issue to them and the most notably issue is “Red Ring of Death”……….Many such complaints on the forum points to Kinect as the main culprit for RROD problem, however there isn’t any solid and concrete evidence to proof the same….

Source: Gamepur

Another story which will develop in the coming days and I strongly recommend you keep an eye on Gamepur (and the 360 forums), especially if you own a 360.

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3 thoughts on “Kinect and the RROD? – A new years “treat” for Kinect owners?

  1. I’d be skeptical of this one. After being so badly burned by the RROD, Microsoft would have tested the Kinect/XBox360 combination thoroughly. Which doesn’t meant that something couldn’t have got by Quality Control. It just means that if something did get by QC, it would likely be something really oddball, not something that would show up in the first quarter after introduction.

    I may not like Microsoft, but Microsoft engineers aren’t stupid.

    Posted by The Mad Hatter | January 2, 2011, 3:32 pm
    • I would agree although I’m actually on my second 360 after the first RROD’d out of warranty. The thing which has me interested though is the comment that it may be ocurring with older Xbox 360 models. I wonder, would rigerous quality assurance include even older versions of the 360?

      It could be shades of a few years ago with the Zune new year failure.

      Time will tell.

      Posted by openbytes | January 2, 2011, 10:55 pm
      • Don’t know, but one of the people who had their XBox360 die said it was just out of warranty. Based on that BBC article someone tweeted (think it was you) I’d avoid buying a Kinect right now (click here) until we know more. Which is really going to mess Microsoft’s sales up.

        Guess management at Sony is probably agog right now, I mean it looks more and more like Microsoft did it to themselves again.

        Posted by The Mad Hatter | January 6, 2011, 1:04 am

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