Its Xmas and one of my presents from Santa was GT5, so I’ve been distracted throughout the day in between festivities and few cans of Christmas cheer.  All this makes the following article relevant.

I’ve written on many occasions about Kinect, the tech which I believe Microsoft is hoping to take its 360 through the next five years.  In the meantime Sony has been busy too and they have released their Move tech which won best hardware accessory at Gamescon 2010, beating Microsoft’s Kinect for the accolade.

The reports of Sony filing a particular patent in August of this year, have many wondering as to a possible future upgrade module for the PS3.  Whilst its mere speculation, its proposed that the patent filing is in regards to an external CPU component which will increase the specs of Sony’s console.

Whilst Microsoft will in my view be relying on Kinect to see it through the next few years, if Sony had an upgrade module, not only would it increase the specs of the PS3 but would keep it more relevant with the demands of future gamers.

The patent (which can be found here) states:

Methods and apparatus provide for interconnecting one or more multiprocessors and one or more external devices through one or more configurable interface circuits, which are adapted for operation in: (i) a first mode to provide a coherent symmetric interface; or (ii) a second mode to provide a non-coherent interface.

So what makes this more preferable than an announcement of the PS4?  From observing the manuevers of Sony and Microsoft, one cannot help but think that the biggest mistake Microsoft made was the HDdvd choice over BlueRay.  Now that we are slowly witnessing the adoption of the format and some great PS3 only titles, most notably my Xmas present this year GT5, we can maybe understand where an upgrade module would make a rather sensible decision for Sony to make to future proof their console.

What will 2011 hold for the consoles?  To engage in predictions I think iPhone and Android devices will start to make a dent in the adult demand for dedicated handheld consoles.  I believe the DS will suffer as a result of consumers only wanting to carry one device in their pocket and since most people require a phone, it will be Nintendo to suffer in “the battle of the pocket”.

I also believe that Sony will be showing a healthy (and better than predicted) sales figures for 2010.  Certainly if my local area is representative of the global market, PS3 and specific platform unique titles were sold out everywhere.  Could this years trend finally see consumers accepting BlueRay as part of a all in one entertainment center, the PS3 console?   There are other perks which may see the PS3 more desirable, most notably free online gaming.  Sony may be a massive company with billions in turnover, but as of yet it doesn’t see fit to suck every last penny out of you with online subscriptions.

Time will tell what comes to pass, but what is certain, competition between the formats will see some excellent deals for the end user, especially if the rumoured price drop for the PS3 comes to fruition.

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