Microsoft engages in self-praise over a game controller – no word on WP7?

Whatever your view on Microsoft I would hope you would agree we me that Microsoft doesn’t exactly hold back when it comes to self-praise.  I subscribe the a Microsoft Press RSS feed and whilst it appears to me releases from Redmond are hardly coming thick and fast, when it comes to showering itself with some congratulations, Microsoft seems to me to be more than happy to step up to the mark.

We are thrilled about the consumer response to Kinect, and are working hard with our retail and manufacturing partners to expedite production and shipments of Kinect to restock shelves as fast as possible to keep up with demand…..With sales already exceeding two and a half million units in just 25 days, we are on pace to reach our forecast of 5 million units sold to consumers this holiday.


Now whilst this is old news (29/11/10) for me it raises a few questions.

Firstly lets put this into context.  The Kinect is effectively a game controller. Is the modern Microsoft at a stage where the only time it can shower success on itself is with a controller for an already established games console?  This is Microsoft 2010?  Moving past that though, this press release is brought up now because as we rapidly approach Christmas, there is still apparently no definitive word on how Windows Phone 7 has sold.

For myself I look around to the diverse potential customer base of my friends and family.  Is Windows Phone 7 being mentioned? no.  I look on the web for examples of developers clambering to get onto the Windows Phone 7 bandwagon and I personally see very little interest, all the while Microsoft remaining tight-lipped about how the market has reacted to Windows Phone 7.

I have to wonder, if WP7 is doing very well and everything is going smoothly at Redmond in respect of this phone, why are we not seeing press releases like the one for the Microsoft toy – Kinect?

I also have to wonder if Steve Ballmer is now just hoping for a Christmas miracle – when he wakes on Xmas morning and switches on the TV he sees consumers and developers climbing over each other to get into the shops to purchase his phone?  What will become of Ballmer if the phone flops?  What will become of Microsoft’s phone aspirations if yet again they fail (like with the Kin)?

2011 will certainly be an interesting year and smart phone users will be keeping up to date with all the latest news on their Android or Apple phones.

In the meantime I think it would be very charitable of everyone to let Microsoft enjoy its moment, basking in the “success” of its new game controller.  After all, it is Christmas.

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    1. Hi There!

      Thanks for commenting! Yes I have seen the same reports, but this is no indicator of how that have been received by the consumer. We look recently at AT&T offering “2 for the price of 1” which to me suggests that they could be trying to get rid.

      I don’t think anyone will know yet, but when you look at how many Android activations there are daily, its more than a steep hill Microsoft have to climb, even if they do manage to convince a few users to get onboard with a phone that is reported to be missing some rather basic (and important features).

      Thanks for taking the time to read!

      Kind regards

      1. It’s pretty obvious that Microsoft is taking the same tactics that Google took with phone deals – it’s not uncommon and Microsoft is trying to move units. I will say this – as a WP7 user coming from another device it is not going to take very long for people to actually start buying this device in droves. It performs well, it has a nice look and finish for a v1.0, and yes, while it is missing CCP and Multitasking (in the traditional sense) the product performs without a hitch.

        I actually find it funny that bloggers actually get on the “Micro$oft Sucks” crew and naysay everything Microsoft without actually trying the device. It shows how ill informed people really are.

        Speaking from experience – every single person that I have showed my Samsung Focus to has been nothing but thrilled and wanted to know when they could buy it.

        In relation to Kinect – I am surprised you are not jumpin’ on the ol’ “Open” bandwagon and saying it is actually nice. Regardless – good day to you sir.

        1. Hello. Im not sure why Akismet held your comment for spam. The only thing I can think of is the IP comes up on a block list. For that I’m sorry and I’ll look into it so it doesn’t happen again.

          “s a WP7 user coming from another device it is not going to take very long for people to actually start buying this device in droves.”

          Really? Even though its missing what some claim are key features? Tethering, copy and paste to name but two? And suddenly the iPhone customers and Android users are going to want to switch?

          Tell me, in light of all the Android activations and apps, whats the feature that will draw them to the WP7 at some future date?

          ““Micro$oft Sucks” crew and naysay everything Microsoft without actually trying the device. It shows how ill informed people really are.”

          Lol…So I’m wrong? It does tether? I’m wrong, people are flocking to it? I’m wrong devs are clambering over themselves to produce? and I’m wrong MS is remaining tight lipped? Oh and lets not forget that unfortunate incident with the Angry Birds logo which Microsoft used without permission (Angry Birds is not out on WP7) or am I wrong there too? – I don’t see why you would need to even use the system in order to see these things?

          “as a WP7 user coming from another device”

          Yep, sure. What device would that be? Android? Apple? Infact what would make someone switch to a phone which is missing features both Android and Apple have been enjoying for a while?

          “Speaking from experience – every single person that I have showed my Samsung Focus to has been nothing but thrilled and wanted to know when they could buy it.”

          Of course. A baseless claim every Apple or Android user could make too and even if it was true, you’ve got a lot of people to show it to, have you seen the activations Android gets daily? You had better start now.

          “In relation to Kinect – I am surprised you are not jumpin’ on the ol’ “Open” bandwagon and saying it is actually nice.”

          What a toy/game controller? The same controller that when Microsoft heard people were trying to develop drivers for it attempted to make implication to legal action? – then subsequently changed its mind when people ignored them and produced them anyway?

          There is no “open bandwagon” for me to jump on, infact its Microsoft that seems to now realize that its what the end user wants with its “Windows 7 was my idea” and “community” campaigns.

          The trouble is, users are not buying this “new Microsoft” nor it appears are they buying the WP7.

          In respect of “Micro$oft Sucks” crew ” those are your words. Grow up. Ive never used that term.

          “It shows how ill informed people really are.”

          Quite the opposite, people are realizing there is far more than merely Microsoft. Thats not just in phones that across the spectrum of its products.

          That must be scary eh?

          “good day to you sir.”

          Please don’t engage in fake politeness, readers need only to see your previous words to work out your tone. Nice way to try and end a comment and I will be very happy to pick appart future comments.

          Having said that its late so you can wait until tomorrow.

          Kindest regards and the best of British to you,

          UPDATE: I recieved a Twitter msg that says: “*Burp* Linux sucks” from a user called Jessie, coincidence? Maybe but this Twitter account seems to be promoting WP7… comes as no surprise then when you see that the Twitter account has less than 60 followers.

          I would like readers to remember the comments/reports I wrote on Kin. Virtually exactly the same things were said to me then – “Ohh its great”, “oh you don’t know, you haven’t tried it” there were all sorts of bold claims of it being “the greatest social networking phone ever”….and look what happened….it took around 40 days for Microsoft to retire the complete failure of the Kin.

          Of course up to the bitter end, Kin was great, everyone that didn’t like it were haters……(according to its promoters)

          Now look at WP7….Difference being this time, Microsoft has alot more riding on this phone….

          1. And look at the really slow uptake of Windows 7, too! I’m sure that any day now, it will also be a gigantic flop, and you’ll be proved right.

            I see that you’ve learned nothing from the past, Goblin. You’re still attacking anyone who has the temerity to try and take a contrary view, and still believing in your own smug sense of self-righteousness (which allows you to insult commenters without being able to perceive your own hypocrisy). Must be comfortable in your echo chamber under the bridge, but it might be nice to get out and smell reality once in a while, don’t you think?

            1. Attacking anyone with opposing view? Well strike me down for having an opinion….you mean the childish antics of the commenter who appears to be an MS employee – Jessie (a new commenter here) will be challenged for disclosure shortly on the grounds of further comments on Twitter.

              As for windows 7 flop, please quote me, how could it flop? It’s stuffed onto every new PC…although Enterprise adoption what Microsoft hoped for? Whilst Akismet thought your comment was spam, I dont, even though you repeated come here with the same broken record, no quotes, no proof and a rather poor attempt to try to suggest I am merely “attacking” Microsoft.

              Echo chamber? I get the links from the big sites, I get the readers and I get people like you returning time and time again to comment. You are obviously a reader and whilst not backing up your allegations or showing any examples of your web presence, you are still welcome.

              I apologize for late responses and possibly typos, I’m on the train using an Android phone….now, how many activation is that getting every day compared to WP7?

              Let’s see if I’m right again in 2011.

              Happy holidays, kindest regards

    1. Hi Will, Mad Hatter….

      Firstly comes as no surprise there are more promotions to try and push WP7….I wonder what comes next? Dinner with Ballmer everytime you buy a phone?

      Re: KinectSex – I can see a patent filing by Microsoft for that idea.

      Kind regards

  1. And for the benefit of any new readers I would just like to say – Despite Richard making the same claim (as usual) that I “attack” commenters this is simply another false allegation to add to Richards list. I treat people as they treat me, if you look at Jessie (believed MS employee, article coming soon with evidence) it was him visiting here (without prompting) making remarks like:

    “I actually find it funny that bloggers actually get on the “Micro$oft Sucks” crew and naysay everything Microsoft without actually trying the device. It shows how ill informed people really are.”

    Making implications towards my opinion. Shame is for Jessie, I have a 360 and have used the Kinect (although the functionality of the device is not what this article is about) I also have a PS3 and a WII (until recently), I believe I am more than qualified to comment on the current consoles and their respective techs.

    Heres another example from Jessie’s first comment:

    “In relation to Kinect – I am surprised you are not jumpin’ on the ol’ “Open” bandwagon and saying it is actually nice.”

    As I say, I respond in kind, unfortunately Jessie’s tactic of making implication is all too common. Theres no bandwagon here. If there was I would have taken the opportunity to go into detail about Kinect allegedly having a few issues which have been reported by mainstream sites.

    Of course when you don’t have an argument, its simpler to just make general implication. Jessie, Richard and others that come here with unnecessary rudeness are all too transparent.

    Kindest regards to all,

    1. Did you know that I have half a dozen Microsoft employees following me on Twitter now? Say anything that isn’t undiluted worship of Microsoft…

      1. Yep, and their approach is to suggest that the article writer is the “attacker”. Shame is readers just have to see their comments to see who is provoking who.

        From now on I will merely present the evidence and expose their antics. As I found in the past with a Microsoft MVP, its pretty pointless complaining to Microsoft.

        I’m sorry to hear you have these people bugging you too. Free speech and opinion must be very frightening for Microsoft.

        Kind regards (and happy new year to you and your family)


    2. You know, if you’re going to accuse Jessie of “rudeness”, I think you might want to edit her post to insert a few swear-words or something. Otherwise, anyone with a decent grasp of the English language would be able to see that you’re being an insulting git to someone who innocently came along and thought to respond to your ramblings.

      Jessie, if you’re reading this: Goblin’s a rather nasty breed of troll who just can’t help himself. He hangs around in all the usual bigoted places: “advocacy” newsgroups and forums, microsoftwatch, techrights, etc. I wouldn’t expect much from him until he grows out of his us-vs-them mentality … and that may take a good many years. It’s not your fault that you mistook him for a reasonable, level-headed person; I made the same mistake quite some time ago, and quickly realised the error of my ways. This is why I don’t bother to be polite to the troll: he’s proven that he’s just not worth it. So, don’t take his ranting the wrong way: there’s nothing wrong with your comment. The craziness is all in his head.

      As for Jessie being a Microsoft employee … well, whoop-de-doo! Call the press! It’s a major non-story! Even if true, who cares? Google employees, EA employees, IBM employees, Samsung employees all give their opinions freely about company tech. It’s laughable, and a sign of your paranoid tendencies, that you’d ascribe anything underhanded to it. You do realize that Microsoft has tens of thousands of employees … right?

      1. No Richard enough of your silliness and pointless dragging out points.

        Need I remind you that without ANY CONTACT with this Jessie character, he came he making comments such as:

        “Micro$oft Sucks” crew ” et al

        and to make matters worse again without any contact, prompting, encouragement from me sent me a twitter message to say:

        “*Burb* Linux Sucks”

        Now if thats not rude, I don’t know what is. I suggest Richard, like Jessie you need to grow up.

        As for “trolling” my own blog. How silly. I don’t ask you to come here. I don’t ask you to comment, yet you do. I’d suggest if you don’t like what you read, you merely leave instead of wasting mine & the readers time with your trademark dragging up pointless, dishonest implication of my view or intentions and off-topic remarks.

        Quote “As for Jessie being a Microsoft employee … well, whoop-de-doo! Call the press! It’s a major non-story! ”

        Yes, its a non story in that its a case again of Microsoft advocacy by a Microsoft employee (wheres the independent view???) However I find it funny how Microsoft does not seem to have any concern or code of conduct for its employee’s/affiliates actions on the net. I suppose its happy as long as they are pimping Microsoft products.

        This is finished with Richard. So is the idea that Microsoft can get independent praise of its products – or it is as far as this article is concerned.

        And Richard, just to correct your lies yet again “Hangs around”:

        ““advocacy” newsgroups”

        No, I think Ive made about 5 posts to COLA in the last 2 months. I don’t have time. Where else Richard? I don’t have the time to cover as many articles as I would like, let alone spend any length of time on another forum.

        You are a liar Richard and a transparent one at that.

        Quote ” until he grows out of his us-vs-them mentality”

        Us v them? Ive repeatedly said the Microsoft products Ive praised (you’ve ignored), Ive repeatedly said the MVP’s who I find are charming decent individuals (which you’ve ignored) and Ive repeatedly said I support proprietary as well as FOSS (again which you ignore)

        Jessie will be used, just like the previous Microsoft MVP to show that the only time we get praise for a Microsoft product seems to be when the person has a vested interest in it.

        Quote “It’s laughable, and a sign of your paranoid tendencies”

        Whats paranoid? I said I believe he’s a MS employee and I think the evidence points to that (even you seem to agree) wheres the paranoia?

        Quote “You do realize that Microsoft has tens of thousands of employees … right?”

        Yep, and they seem to me to be the only ones singing the praises online about Microsoft.

        Kindest regards, I’d suggest you spend your time elsewhere. You haven’t “proved” anything except bringing a Microsoft employee’s behaviour to the fore yet again. I had considered letting this go Richard, until you became involved with your lies and implication.



        **BTW Richard, check out the Jessie I am referring to, its a male not a female. (as if you didn’t know, since I assume, like always you are following my posts closely)

        If you need reminding here is the link and the person whom I believe it is:

        Of course its been deleted already….no matter though, I had already anticipated (with dealing with Microsoft “advocate employee’s” in the past) so I had already screen dumped the page. I have it ready for the article that you have inspired Richard.

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