FPS Tank battles are here! - Thanks to Zero Ballistics!

An observation was made recently that Linux was experiencing a wealth of new (and established titles) being made availabe or updated.  This to me is a testament of the rising popularity of the Linux desktop (and subsequent demand for gaming).

That debate though can wait until another day, as I have downloaded a copy of the latest version of Zero Ballistics, a generic Linux binary which is available now!

Zero Ballistics is a tank based FPS now released in version 2.0 and what a great game it is.  Taking control of your tank using the traditional keyboard/mouse control system you battle it out with other “tankers” whilst zipping around a woody themed landscape.  Its simple and adictive fun and certainly worth a download with the added benefit that theres no compiling of sources or hunting your repo’s.

All the expected features of an FPS are here, multiple views, multiple weapons, the list goes on with it probably being quicker just to jump on in and give it a go.  The download is a respectable 80mb which will have you battling in minutes.

At time of writing, there appears to be only a few games servers active.  That being said, I managed to get on a server with 6 others and had a good blast of mayhem before writing this review.

Spec wise you are not going to need a powerful machine to enjoy it at full settings (certainly in the case of the Linux version) with an AMD Athlon II Quad Core, 750gb HD, 3gb of DDR3 ram, Nvidia Gforce 9200, running Sabayon 5.4 I experienced all gfx settings on full with a flawless high fps.

I strongly recommend this title and look forward to seeing it develop in the future. You can visit the homepage here: http://www.zeroballistics.com From the site:

Zero Ballistics is a unique blend of multiplayer first person shooter and tank combat game. Easy to learn, difficult to master was our mantra during the development of the game. Set in lush alpine environments covering all seasons, playing Zero Ballistics is as thrilling as it is relaxing…..Explore 81 different tank setups to be ready for any given combat situation. If you want to be sneaky, use mines and the heal skill to wreak havoc among your unsuspecting enemys. You are more the frontal assault type? Combine the ram bucket and the flamethrower to eliminate your enemies up close and personal.

Opening up my cannons on an unsuspecting player!
If you wish, you can watch a battle take place. Here we see an overview of the battle field.

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