A personal blog post for December – Xmas is almost here!

For me, this blog is more about reporting articles in the news, giving my views, engaging in intelligent debate with people who may disagree and arguing with trolls who will try to make something out of nothing, ultimately ending (or starting) in insult because they haven’t the mental capacity or case to present anything with substance.

For today I thought I would move slightly away from any IT related subject and merely post a “traditional” blog post.  It’s approaching a very busy time of year in the Goblin household.

Firstly, my thoughts are with my online friend (and co-host of Techbytes) Gordon, who’s under the weather at the moment and hope for a speedy recovery, certainly if he is absent from the show its going to leave a gap which will be noticeable to all the kind people who tell us they enjoy listening.  If Gordon is absent I hope you will stick with us until he returns.

This week has been unexpectedly busy for me and my family.  Xmas is well underway with my wife treating the whole issue like a WOW campaign, intricately planned and prepared for with everyone knowing their role.  Our house is now decorated to such an extent we probably have the carbon footprint of a small country.

In between work and the Xmas campaign Ive managed to catch a little of the news, some of which will be brought up on Fridays TechBytes show.  I’ve had a little fun reading the latest attempt by the desperate to try to silence the TechBytes voice, this manifested itself in what I can only describe as an Ally Mcbeal fantasy being played out by trolls in a newsgroup.  It did show one thing though, there are certain people who follow myself Roy and Gordon very closely.  I’m not just talking about listening to the show, I am referring to reading IRC logs / lurking in chat channels.  These “people” will quote anything and everything if they can create a double meaning and they take “grasping at straws” to a whole new level.  As an observer (and an object of their affections) it makes having an online presence very rewarding.   I’m really rather flattered.

Football, Football, Football…..not much interest really, but one thing strikes me as strange, why are the UK complaining that we didn’t get the world cup?  If the vote is someones choice, why do we have a problem that someone exercised their right to free choice and voted for someone else?  Maybe I’ve missed something here?  If we are claiming corruption, why was the UK so sure we were going to win?  Arrogance, or was it that we thought we had spent enough money to influence people?  – As much of a good footballer David Beckham may be (and I don’t particularly care) I can’t see him as the type to produce a compelling “sales pitch” to other countries.  He doesn’t strike me as the type who would be a very good verbal persuader…

On to Wikileaks, it seems everyone has an opinion and they just keep coming.  Whatever your view on the rights or wrongs of the leaks, I think its safe to say that it doesn’t matter who you are or how powerful a country, you can’t stop the Internet.  To a less interesting extent we saw that with the ACS:Law email leak, but I think those with an interest in the material leaked can draw the lesson, you can’t fight the internet.

And what have we got over the festive period?  I’ll be mentioning my top packages for the year, looking back at events and saying what I see year on year – more excitement/interest for FOSS, more Linux usage, more people rediscovering their computers and finding out that instead of an OS saying “DO NOT TOUCH – WE’LL TELL YOU HOW TO DO THINGS”, Linux says “JUMP ON IN – FILL YOUR BOOTS”  With that in mind I’ve compiled a collection of emails which people have sent me (many of whom I’ve struck up regular conversations with) detailing their experiences with Linux.  I’ll be covering those as the month progresses.

Thanks for reading my slight departure from the “norm” on OpenBytes.  I hope you will join myself, Roy (and hopefully Gordon) on TechBytes Ep18, which all being well will be released on Friday 10th.

Best regards,

Goblin – bytes4free@googlemail.com / TwitterIdenti.ca

You can also contact me on Skype: tim.openbytes

If you are new to this blog (or have not yet read it) please take time to view the OpenBytes statement, here.


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