REVIEW: ZAZ – An addictive puzzle game for Linux

Match those balls! An addictive and challenging puzzle game that will sit happily on any desktop!

Even in todays world of FPS and eye candy, there has always been a demand for simple, addictive puzzle games.  Maybe the title that first stands out as being the definitive one would be Tetris or possibly even Solitaire, which became a staple part of most desktops for so long.  Now things have moved on and whilst many of you will have installed distro’s that have pre-packaged Minesweeper et al, there are so many more options out there for a quick blast of puzzling fun whilst your waiting for that one Dent/Tweet to pop up or the completion of a download.

For those that haven’t played it, let me introduce Zaz and in the developers words “Because hackers too need to play with balls“.

The game involves balls rolling out of one hole and along a slide, the aim is to rid the level of all the balls before they enter their destination (the opposing hole).  The player removes balls by matching the colours and lining up three or more, this is achieved by sucking the ball from the “slide” and then shooting it back in the relevant place.   Theres power ups which can slow down the speed and other effects with the whole game running to a thumping dance type beat.

The game is played with mouse and there are plenty of levels, each getting fiendishly more difficult and frantic as you progress.

The game is available for Linux as a .deb or as src and whats unique about Zaz is it also offers an Amiga version (which automatically gets it +1 in my book)  The latest version (1.0.0) was released in September and is the creation of Remigiusz Dybka,  Kinga Dybka and Leonard Ritter, released under the GPLv3.

You can visit the homepage of Zaz here.  This game comes highly recommended for a blast of quick puzzle action and deserves a place on everyone’s desktop top.  Question is, will distro’s pick it up in favor of the ageing titles we have come so accustomed to?

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