Tongue in cheek time today, good old Microsoft has some “great news” which it has kindly shared and I’m happy to bring to you.

Via a press release here, its announced that Rodale Inc introduces Fitbie on MSN today.  Whats Fitbie?  Let me quote from the above source directly:

Fitbie is a new health channel that will deliver original groundbreaking fitness, nutrition and weight-loss content via an interactive, multimedia experience.

Also quoting from the same web source, Steve Madden has said:

Working with MSN to launch Fitbie is a perfect fit for Rodale……Our mission is to improve personal health, and teaming up with a digital pioneer as respected as MSN to introduce this new property puts us squarely at the forefront of the digital health revolution.

But does the MSN audience and or Microsoft really need Fitbie?  The CEO of Microsoft appears to be in fine form and even has a workout (of sorts) of his own (which we all remember!!!):

Is there anything left that Microsoft doesn’t think it can “help” us with?  I wonder if Steve Ballmer will be following Fitbie or if he will stick with his own routine? Time will tell.


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