A short snippet for today which had me chuckling:

I know many of you have been waiting for the perfect time to pick up your new Windows Phone. AT&T just sweetened the pot a bit for the holiday shopping season with the announcement of a buy one get one free deal for the HTC Surround, LG Quantum and Samsung Focus.

Source: Windowssteamblog

I don’t know exactly who these “many” people are, but we will skip over that part and merely look at the “sweeting of the pot” AT&T are doing with this deal.  Is Windows Phone 7 already going the way of the Kin? Is this the only way they can think of to generate interest in WP7? But more importantly who knows anyone waiting for the right time to purchase a Windows Phone 7?  Last time I looked people wanted to buy Android phones or Apples iPhone.

This “deal” also raises an important question, will the “two for one” deals count as two sales so that Microsoft can boost their figures?  I’ll let you decide.

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