Intro music “I fought the Troll” is by Tom Smith.  You can find his excellent work here.

So it’s the 5th show.  If there was a title it would have been “Best laid plans” since introducing more structure to the show resulted in our longest yet!.

In this show we cover a multitude of current headlines/news articles from around the web:

F# Picked up by Mono

Windows Phone 7 vs. Android: Can you choose just one?

uTorrent Apps Arrive, Plus Free Movies and Privacy Features

Urban Terror HD: Going Away From Open-Source

WordPress Blocks Blog Following DMCA Takedown ‘Comment’

SRA Disciplinary Tribunal for Davenport Lyons Set for May 2011

And we discuss patents, Android, Trolls (not in that order!)  We look at feedback both good and bad.  Roy and myself question why some people take to impersonation in order to try and cheapen another persons viewpoint.  Privacy, stats and PR are also debated in a TechBytes record of approximately 2 hours.

I hope you will join us.

Ending music was chosen by myself and is a track called “Axxo” by an artist known as Binaerpilot (from the album Nordland).  You can find more of his excellent work here: A TechBytes recommendation!

Again thank you to Tom Smith for the small clip of “I fought the Troll” which we have to introduce the show.  You are strongly urged to check out his great work here:

I would also like to thank Will (whom I forgot to mention on the show) He was the one who brought my attention to the Kinect drivers story.  I’ll credit him in the next show!

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