NewsBytes 9th November 2010 – Nvidia says no to Wayland, Canonical, Op Payback & LimeWire rises from the grave?

Operation Payback is finished? For now?

Its being reported over on Slyck that Operation Payback has now concluded for the time being.  For those that were following this story (and you’d be hard pushed not to)  Operation Payback was responsible for exposing the emails of ACS:Law and bringing attention to the whole world of what some call speculative invoicing.

Slyck say:

Although Operation: Payback has taken a break, it’s by no means defunct. Supporters of the movement, and their botnets, lay in the waiting and will no doubt reemerge when the time calls for it.


LimeWire – Never-ending battle where nobody wins

Further proving my view that the fight again copyright infringement via filesharing is a futile one, Torrentfreak is reporting that LimeWire has been brought back from.  They say:

Now, not even a month later, LimeWire is back as good as new. Not only has a secret dev team reanimated the hugely popular client, but they have also made a few significant changes which make it better and more streamlined than before.


Changes afoot with Ubuntu

We’ve covered this on the TechBytes audiocast, but it still seems that there are plenty of discussions around Canonicals choice to move from X to Wayland and its Unity decision.  I am of the opinion that Canonical has always made decisions that have benefitted their distro, I think anyone following Ubuntu will see that its gone from strength to strength over the years and whilst there are still many unanswered questions regarding Wayland, I have faith that Canonical will continue its sucess. has this to say:

I recently got into a friendly argument with a friend of mine who is very much anti-Ubuntu. He believes that Canonical is slowly but surely selling-out the GNU/Linux community to make a profit. I completely disagree with him. I have watched several interviews with Canonical’s CEO, Mark Shuttleworth, and I find him to be as committed to the free software/open source principles as anyone else. I also think that he has a very adventurous streak….

and we have the Free Software Magazine saying:

The future is interesting. Before seeing Ubuntu’s moves, I honestly thought that Ubuntu, along with the whole desktop computing world, was heading for extinction. This saddened me, but I thought that the steps needed to “save” Ubuntu would have been way too daring for anybody to make. I was wrong. It looks like in the future, as far as Linux is concerned, we might have Android tablets, along with Ubuntu ones.


Nvidia not playing with Wayland?

Following on from the coverage of Wayland and Canonical announcements, here is one from Nvidia who are reported to have said that they have no plans to support Wayland.   This statement was covered on omgubuntu and says:

With the current flurry of excitement over the announced aim of Ubuntu the current X server with the promising ‘Wayland’ display server in the near future,  NVidia have decided to join in the jamboree by stating their intentions on delivering support for it.

Put simply by NVidia spokesman AaronP : –

“We have no plans to support Wayland.”

Way to spoil a party, dude. Or is it?


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