For the official first episode, it’s a shame that work made me miss an important feature.  Brandon Lozza is the guest today and being a Fedora ambassador, he is getting ready for the release of 14 on the 2nd of November.  He covers numerous topics with Roy and its a very interesting piece.

Roy and I talk about Apple, Android and Microsoft as well as discovering a difference in view with the word “consumer”.

We have a quick look at an article on Techrepublic and consider what our Windows binary of choice would be – Since FOSS offers so many great alternatives, it was not such a simple choice and I think our selections are far removed from the traditional Photoshop request.

I then take a quick overview of feedback, question why some people are claiming that I have a problem with the mp3 format.  And finally I quote the email of the week.  A two-word attempt at an insult, which was probably the funniest email I’ve ever received.  I’ll share that with you at the end.

Music for the show is by Tom Smith who kindly agreed to let us use it. Check out his great work on his homepage here.

TechBytes Episode 1 – ogg

TechBytes Episode 1 – mp3