NewsBytes 25th October 2010 – FACT, Fedora, Apple & Google – “Just move”

FACT taken offline in DDoS attack?

The FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) a UK based anti-piracy outfit has been hit by 4chan’s Operation Payback campaign , Slyck News reports.  Fans of the series IT Crowd will also remember the spoof they made of the video which is supposed to deter “Piracy” although, just like the “Knock off Nigel” ads , seem to have been met with scorn and ridicule.  I would argue that the entire ad campaign to combat piracy has done more harm than good and turned a serious topic into a bit of a joke.

You can read the story here:

Brandon Lozza – Fedora Ambassador

Brandon reports that he has been appointed Ambassador of the North America region.  You can read his post here whilst there are many who are eagerly awaiting the release of v14.  Brandon says:

I’ve been approved as a Fedora Ambassador for the North America region. I’d like to thank my mentor Larry Cafiero and the people in the #fedora-ambassadors irc channel on Freenode. My goals in this position are to spread the good word about the Fedora Project…..


VLC on Iphone/pod

The media player which many people use (and love) is to hit the iPhone and Pod Touch.  Yet again we see an open source product achieving “mainstream” status because “it works”.  I’ve been a VLC user for a long time and if you haven’t yet downloaded it on your platform, you really should give it a go.

ITProPortal says:

The open source app, which is regularly listed as one of the most useful pieces of software on ANY platform, will be compatible with the iPhone 4 and the 3GS, paving the way for countless hours of viewing pleasure, regardless of the filetype.


Google boss learns how to win support?

Its being reported in the Inquirer that Eric Schmidt has said that anyone who doesn’t like the street view camera taking pictures of your house, you can “Just move”

If that report is accurate, then I wonder if he is aware just how rude that comment could be seen as and also if he is aware that the housing market is currently not exactly ideal for moving at short notice or on a whim.  It’s rather silly too since if Google intends to photograph everything, then the Google van will catch up with you anyway at some point.  Maybe he would recommend living in a tent next? or what about a riverboat?

The Register goes on to say:

After he unloaded that “just move” bit, there was an exchange between Schmidt and show cohost Kathleen Parker, and then Schmidt laughed. So, says The Journal, it’s unclear whether the comment was meant as a joke.

You can read the whole article here:

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