IE9 is “delightfully” not as quick as the competition?

Daniweb has conducted speed tests of all the major browsers (including IE9) and come to the conclusion that far from being the fastest (as Microsoft seem to claim) the reality is different:

Internet Explorer 9 may well be the fastest web browser yet from Microsoft, but our tests reveal it still has a long way to go to catch up with the crowd as far as real-world

You can read the report here.

Bad Boy Ballmer at a campus near you!

The Microsoft Bad Boy was lurking around The University of Washington, its reported today and allegedly trying to convince students that Microsoft is the place to work.  Iphone owners need not apply?!? 😉

The Register observes:

This was all part of Ballmer’s pitch to get the best and brightest students to work at the software giant. It seems like he’s going to have to use all his salesman skills to pull that one off.

I think they have it spot on.  You can read more here. It does beg the question though, if alleged low approval rating of Ballmer is true (in addition to the stories about his behaviour), who would want to work for him? – I’ll let you answer that but consider that some sites are predicting he will be gone this year (I on the other hand believe mid 2011 is when Ballmer will be shown the door).

Angry Birds, a huge success – Microsoft, ask if you want to use the IP!

Coming off the back of the allegation that Microsoft had used the IP of Angry Birds without permission (reported here) it seems that the Angry Birds game released on Android has been so popular that it brought the servers to their knees.

The Register reports:

Android users eager to play Rovio’s free Angry Birds game have toppled the servers at GetJar.

and you can read the full article here.

Lets hope Microsoft will wait next time before using the IP of Angry Birds, they haven’t confirmed there will even be a Windows Phone 7 version yet.   Having said that, if Microsoft thinks the software is so great, maybe they would be happy you buy an iPhone or an Android phone to play it?

OMGUbuntu makes a dig at Mono?

If you ever find yourself with views which don’t support a Mono advocate, my advice to you would be keep them to yourself, lest you get a vulgar tirade of the “c” word that I did by an advocate of theirs.  Whilst a Mono supporter may try to woo you with statements like “haters like to hate” (in order to cheapen any opposition to it) or the best one “they’re killing FOSS!” it seems that the disapproval (or at least concerns about it) are much larger than any Mono supporter would want to acknowledge, afterall Jo Shields wrote a whole article trying to justify it.

OMGUbuntu seems to be fully aware of the general feelings towards Mono and in its article: “Clementine music player goes mono…” follow that up on the first line with:

If you’re worried by that statement then relax –  I don’t mean that kind of mono but rather its unique animated tray icon – which is being de-coloured for Ubuntu Ambiance and Radiance users in its forthcoming release.

No, they certainly don’t mean “that kind of Mono” and you can find out what they actually mean here. As one commenter on the site says:

Glad it’s not “that” kind of mono. Are you actually changing your mind about the mono issue dood ?

I’ll let you make your own mind up on where you stand with it, but for OMG to make a tongue in cheek remark like this I would suggest there are more than a handful of people with concerns about it.

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