Microsoft getting desperate for Mobile 7 app support?

Or are they merely trying to imply support to entice users?

Monday 11th of October 2010 will be a big day for Microsoft.  It’s the day in which Windows Mobile 7 hits the streets.  You would be forgiven if you are not excited for such an event as forgetting the in-demand products from Apple or the Android platform, there may be some of you out there who remember the recent Kin, the phone which not only flopped catastrophically but allegedly stopped CEO Steve Ballmer getting his full bonus.

For those of you with the iPhone or an Android phone you may have heard about Angry Birds.  Its a popular title which has met which much success.  It appears as though Microsoft either assumes that everyone wants to create for its Windows 7 Mobile platform, or that they can push a few more units by including the logo on their site.    This would be fine if the Angry Birds devs hadn’t noticed.  Unfortunately for Microsoft they have and an apparent “Angry Dev” has said:

we have NOT committed to doing a Windows Phone 7 version, at least not yet. Icon on MS site is unauthorized.


We have NOT committed to doing a Windows Phone 7 version. Microsoft put the Angry Birds icon on their site without our permission.


Are last-minute nerves getting to Microsoft and they are willing to imply anything just to sell one more unit?

I’ll let you decide.

Goblin –

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  1. I turned the telly on very early this morning to be met with the BBC 24 hour news channel saying that later in the bulletin there was to be a story about the new Windows Phone (Telly off radio 4 on). If our media were not being spoon fed stories by advertising and PR agencies I am sure they would not know what to do with themselves.

    The sad thing about marketing is that it does work to some degree. Whether even 500 million dollars of advertising is enough to get MS back into this hugely important market with what seems yet another uninspiring product is doubtful. OEM and developer response to this latest product indicates to me that there is little faith that MS can compete in non rigged markets. Nothing MS is doing anywhere is going to arrest its decline let alone promote growth. The future of Ballmer and this phone OS could be closely linked.

    1. Just like Microsoft live spaces users have to rely on the charity of WordPress to keep them online, maybe Microsoft relies on the charity of the mainstream media to do its advertising…

      WP7 phone ads were apparently nothing special and Im just not seeing the interest from the mainstream consumer. Does anyone truly believe that an iphone user will dump their unit and buy into the “new” windows phone platform?

      I wouldn’t think so.

      I agree, Ballmer and Windows 7 are closely linked however whatever happens, I still think by mid 2011 he will be gone….

      Kind regards


  2. Hah. Was doing some digging through the old posts on my blog this morning (woke up, can’t get back to sleep). Did you know that Microsoft promised never to talk about Windows Mobile again back in August of 2009?

    Microsoft is not even going to talk about WinMobile in future according to a statement issued by the company:

    No more blind cheerleading from Redmond: Microsoft (MSFT) finally admitted that its mobile business needs some work.

    At Microsoft’s analyst day in Seattle, Robbie Bach confessed in his finest business school jargon that the company hasn’t “done as good a job as I would like building relationships and getting the right integration with our hardware partners,” according to the WSJ, and vowed to improve: “You’re going to see dramatic improvement in integration.”

    He added, “You’ll see our execution rhythm pick up and the quality of our execution improve.”

    Based on the quote, the only option they have is to NEVER talk about WinMobile, because blind cheerleading is your only option, when your company is incapable of producing quality software.

    For anyone who wants to read the article, it’s titled Microsoft Admits Its Phones Are Crappy, Vows To Improve.

    If Windows Mobile Seven dies as fast as you think it will, they will have broken two promises. One, not to talk up crappy software, and two, to improve.


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